7 Best and Easy to Use Book Layout Apps

7 Best and Easy to Use Book Layout Apps

Arranging the layout of the book is not an easy thing, because it requires special skills with special software. In addition, special care and precision is needed, but now you don’t have to be confused anymore because there are several book layout applications that are easy to use.

No need to bother anymore, you just need to learn some of its features first with the tutorial on the application. Or, if it’s still not clear with the tutorial on the application, you can try to see the tutorial step by step and then immediately put it into practice.

Best Book Layout Apps Worth Trying

Some of the best book layout applications below you can use to design your own personal book. Or facilitate your work in the field of setting layouts at a printing company. You can even make money with expertise using this application.

Adobe Indesign

Adobe adobe indesign is one of the desktop publishing applications that is very well known and liked by many people. Most graphic designers, especially those dealing with book layouts, use it.

The advantage of Adobe indesign is that it is able to offer effects that have high quality and the results are very impressive. In addition, it can also assist users in providing coloring that you will apply to the printing process.

Then it also has a facility called packagewhich is a feature that serves to manage file storage into a flash or USB drive softcopy. Which in the CD there are documents, images, and sizes automatically.


Then the next recommended application is the Booksmart book layout application. Which is an application made by Blurb that you can use for free and is easy to use for a beginner.

Although the main requirement is that you have to create a Blurb account first by entering your email and password. This Booksmart application has page layouts that are already available, but if you don’t like it, then you can modify the layout page according to the needs you want.

Meanwhile, the drawback of this application is that it can only be used on Windows-based computers. Or it can also be used on MAC OS with a minimum specification of dual-core and 1 GB RAM.


Then the next application is QuarkXPress, although its share in the publishing world is not too much. But at this time it is the best application in designing interior layouts and covers.

After undergoing an update in 2015, it can finally provide more of the best features in designing interactive ebooks. You can try it to produce the best layout according to your wishes.


The BookletCreator application is also one of the book layout applications favored by designers to create book layouts because of its advantages. By using it, Bahlan can help you create book layouts from various documents.

In addition, it also makes it easier for users to organize page types and print them at once. Another advantage is that it is also able to complete the layout design easily and quickly because it has many supporting features.

PDF Booklet

Windows and Linux users can take advantage of a free application that you can use to create book layouts from multiple PDFs. Even by using this PDF Booklet, you will benefit from being able to create book layouts.

In addition, you can add blank pages, add margin scales, and print directly the finished document. You can also use this application to transform from one page to another connected to the Linux PDF Shuffler application.

Affinity Publisher

Then next there is Affinity Publisher. Which is a book design application that offers many interesting features. This application is very suitable for designing books, newspapers, magazines and other print media.

Even this application also offers features of various charting and editing instruments. It has a user-friendly interface design so users can learn to design books easily.

Adobe FrameMaker

Then there is the Adobe FrameMaker application which is claimed to be the best book design application in its class. Especially for those of you who have plans to work with large or long and complicated files.

Because this application is usually also used to create non-fiction books and various types of technical documents. Besides that, it can also optimize your performance and creations to different devices easily. It can even generate PDFs, Responsive HTML5 or export extensions meant for the Kindle.

Another plus is that you can use automatic settings for footers, headers and easily move content from chapters and paragraphs. So many designers rely on its performance to make work easier.

That’s a book layout application that you can try when you need it. Although there are many more applications that you can try, these 7 applications can already represent your desire to create an attractive book layout.

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