7 Best and Popular Video Editing Software Recommendations

Along with the increasing use of social media, content creation is increasingly becoming a trend. One type of content that is considered the most significant in providing interaction is video. Behind the process of creating video content, of course, it cannot be separated from using the right video editing software and supporting user needs.

Basically, there are many kinds of video editing software that have been developed, both for computers and mobile phones. However, it is undeniable that the video editing application features on the computer certainly have more sophisticated and complete features.

What are the recommendations? Come on, see the article to find a list of video editing software including for beginners.

7 recommended video editing software

Various applications for video editing are available with a number of features and advantages to meet user needs. Here are some of the most popular types of video editing software:

Adobe Premiere Pro

This video editing software product from Adobe does not need to be doubted. The complete set of features and elements in it make this application popular among professional video editors. Adobe Premiere Pro itself has been downloaded by millions of users around the world and is one of the most famous.


can use this application both online and offline. In addition, this application has been integrated with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Illustrator. Thus, users can integrate assets from other Adobe applications.

Another advantage of Adobe Premiere is its service that allows users to edit videos for various formats, from low resolution to virtual reality. However, the thing to know is that this one application is not free. You have to subscribe per month to enjoy the features in it.

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Sony Vegas

Besides Adobe Premiere, you can also use Sony Vegas as one of the best video editing software. When compared to previous applications, Sony Vegas is considered easier and makes it a video editing software for beginners.


features provided are also no less complete for use as a professional video editing application. However, because it looks simpler and easier to understand, making this application more preferred by beginners.

The advantage of Sony Vegas lies in its good audio editing features. This application provides powerful features to create clear and quality audio results on videos. So, if you are looking for video editing software with full features but easy to learn, then Sony Vegas is the option.

Final Cut Pro

The next video editing software recommendation is Final Cut Pro which is also popular among professionals. This application is specifically designed for the Mac operating system. In other words, Windows or Linux users cannot use this proprietary application.


Final Cut Pro users can easily link their Photos and iTunes collections to simplify the editing process. The excellent feature of this application also lies in its feature to remove the camera or tripod that appears on the video. This feature is very useful for capturing 360-degree videos.

DaVinci Resolve

The DaVinci Resolve application is one of the video editing software that editors are starting to talk about a lot. This product from the da Vinci System has excellent features that are considered capable of being a rival to Adobe Premiere. This is based on the speed that is more optimal than the Adobe product.

In addition, DaVinci Resolve is free to use, operates on multiple OS (Windows, Linux, Mac), is easy to operate, and renders fast.


The Lightworks application is a video editing software that is highly recommended for professional needs. There are many film industry productions that use this application to edit their videos, such as Mission Impossible, Shutter Island, and Pulp Fiction.

In other words, the features and services available on Lightworks support a wide variety of animations, formats, and other requirements needed in the film industry. This application can be used in both free and paid versions. However, when using the free version, the highest resolution video that can be produced is only 720p.


The next video editing software is an application that is also exclusively made for iOS users. Besides being used by professionals, this application is also suitable for use as video editing software for beginners. The features and appearance of the application are also simple and easy to learn.

The use of this application is not free because users have to pay at least Rp. 300 thousand to access the features in it. However, this nominal is considered commensurate with the quality of the video results and the available features.


One of the most popular video editing software for beginners is Filmora. This application has features that are quite complete and easy to operate by beginners. There are many interesting and free elements that can be accessed to create quality video editing results.

In addition, Filmora is also available in a mobile version under the name FilmoraGo. The existence of a mobile version will certainly make it easier for users to edit short videos for the purposes of interesting social media content.

That’s it, friend, a list of video editing software recommendations that you can use. Basically, each application has its own features and advantages that you can choose according to your needs. However, the thing that needs to be considered in choosing a video editing application is the specifications of the device used.

Some applications require high specifications to function normally. So, it would be better if you choose based on the capabilities and specifications of existing devices. From the list of recommendations above, which application do you think is the most interesting, friend!