7 Best CMS for Ecommerce & Online Stores

Want to create an online shop? But don’t know the best Ecommerce CMS? Calm down, friend, In this article we will discuss more deeply about creating an online store, using CMS Ecommerce and tips on creating an online store.

To run an online store, you must choose an online store CMS platform to make it easier to manage and develop your online store. You, of course, also need a domain and hosting to run the online store that you created. But don’t worry, friend, Jagoan Hosting has something special for you.

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It is enough to spend 45 thousand / 3 months, you will have a domain with your shop name and have an online store that is ready to use, which is supported by a premium wordpress theme.

If you use a cheap online store package from a hosting champion, then you will use a Woocommerce CMS. If you want to know about other online store CMS, here are the recommendations for the best Ecommerce CMS Platform

id="1-magento">1. Magento

Magento Ecommerce CMS
Magento Ecommerce CMS

Magento is an online store CMS that can be said to be the best of all existing CMS, this CMS is the most prominent and top e-commerce platform for innovation in e-commerce.

This CMS is widely used by major online stores all over the world. In fact, every year Magento handles 100 billion dollars in gross merchandise volume. So there is no need to doubt how the quality of this e-commerce CMS is.


this CMS has a huge marketplace full of useful website themes and apps. And for the use of this platform it is free and open source so you can do development on the CMS.

id="2-prestashop">2. Prestashop

Best Online Shop Platform
Prestashop CMS

The next best CMS platform is prestashop, Prestashop is one of the most powerful and popular open-source e-commerce applications and is widely used in the European region. This CMS is used by more than 270,000 online stores operating worldwide.

Because it is open source, anyone can download, install and set up PrestaShop for free. This is the mission of prestashop, namely developing world-class online shop software through open source innovation.

In 2016 Prestahop received an award CMS Critic Award for Best eCommerce Software. Mthey also sell premium modules and themes by them and third party agencies as well. PrestaShop is also on the 2016 Inc list. 5000 fastest growing private companies in Europe.

3. Woocommerce

Best Online Store CMS
Woocommerce Plugin

Surely you know that wordpress is the leader of all CMS, that’s why Woocommerce is one of the best ecommerce CMS today. WooCommerce has a lot of support for free themes and plugins that can make your online store site more functional and active.

WooCommerce is a wordpress plugin that complements the product page of an online store site with lots of extra features like collecting input fields, option to upload files, date and time picker, color picker, price method picker, location picker etc.

The most important advantage of these plugins is that they can enable various features to basic WooCommerce in one click and most of these plugins are free to download and install.


you buy a cheap online store package from Jagoan Hosting, you can create your online store with just one click.

4. Shopify

Shopify Online Store Platform
Shopify CMS

Shopify is Canadian e-commerce CMC company and is a pThe most developed and premium e-commerce platform. Even this CMS is claimed by CNET as Ecommerce platform “clean, simple and easy to use.”

For friends who want to create an online store and want to create a retail sales system, you can use this Ecommerce CMS. In 2017 Shopify has more than 600,000 active Shopify online stores with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $63 billion in sales.

5. Opencart

CMS Opencart
CMS Opencart

Opencart is one of the best ecommerce CMS platforms easy to manage and use, robust, and can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end at once.

Currently over 317,000 online stores have used Opencart for their online store CMS. This CMS is also free, so you can freely use this CMS. buddy Just install opencart on your cloud hosting or server, then choose a template, and add products then ready to start taking orders.


Abantecart CMS
Abantecart CMS

Abantecart is a fairly well-known Ecommerce CMS, because this CMS is the most suitable CMS selection option for novice users. Abantecart makes it easy for users who want to add new products to the store through the dashboard.

This open source CMS platform also provides themes and extensions that you can use for your online store. But unfortunately this CMS in the interface or software interface needs to be developed to be more modern.

7. osCommerce

osCommerce CMS
osCommerce CMS

Like other ecommerce CMS, osCommerce is an online store cms platform that is easy to install and activate. You don’t even need to understand an ecommerce CMS to be able to create and run your first online store.

osCommerce provides another advantage that it has to offer, these advantages are an active community and thousands of add-ons and themes that are already available. You can easily manage and customize your online store.

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