7 Characteristics of Aesthetic Minimalist Industrial Style Houses, Interested in Trying it?

Draft House minimalist industrial is now being loved. This house style is indeed suitable for urbanites because it is very raw and modern.

The minimalist industrial house style does attract millennials because it is unique and artistic. Not to mention the use of materials for most minimalist industrial houses is more eco-friendly.

The minimalist industrial house trend originally emerged from European classic buildings. Then it became the inspiration for minimalist industrial houses in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

The key to the concept of a minimalist industrial house is raw and minimalism. Where can you apply the theme unfinished on the walls of a minimalist industrial house.

In addition, neutral colors are always faithful to accompany a minimalist industrial house. Here’s the inspiration for a minimalist industrial house style that aestheticas quoted from Houzz and Real Living.

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1. Unfinished

One of the characteristics of a minimalist industrial house has the concept of unfinished or raw. Many minimalist industrial house wall styles are not neatly painted so they look more artistic.

Even some minimalist industrial houses have walls that have only been tidied up with unpainted cement. Theme unfinished also often made aesthetic with the condition of red bricks visible between the cement which is deliberately made uneven.

2. Lots of wood elements

Besides the cement game on the wall unfinished for a minimalist industrial house, a touch of wood elements is also a favorite. For example, the stairs of the house with wood material.

Wood elements are also often used as wall decorations for minimalist industrial houses. Of course it will add a luxurious impression to the concept of Mother’s minimalist industrial house.

3. Neutral color

In the concept of a minimalist industrial house, it generally does not follow color trends. Neutral color choices such as black and white are the main ones.

Many minimalist industrial houses have black shades among the natural materials inside, such as wood and natural stone. Raw is indeed the key to a minimalist industrial house.

4. Metal material

Metal materials are most often used in minimalist industrial homes. Metal materials are often applied to minimalist industrial house fences, trellises, window frames, to household stairs.

The black metal material makes the concept of a minimalist house with an industrial style even stronger. Without any additional decorations, it gives a masculine and contemporary impression of course.

Decorating a house is not just fun, there are benefits too, you know:

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