7 Cost-Effective Lesehan Living Room Inspirations

The existence of a living room that has a function as a place to receive guests has become a must to make it a comfortable area. With the welcome of a comfortable living room, the first impression the house gets is a warm positive atmosphere. The existence of a comfortable living room does not have to use expensive furniture in it. You can also apply the concept of a lesehan living room to present a living room that is cost-effective but still has a comfortable atmosphere for guests. For those of you who are interested in this lesehan living room, see the following review of 7 Cost Efficient Lesehan Living Room Designs.

Long Table in the Living Room

This lesehan living room design features a floor rug complete with a table and comfortable cushions. The use of cushions as a sitting mat in this living room will provide comfort for guests and has a contemporary Japanese-style concept. The use of a table in this lesehan living room also has an important role to create a more complete feel of comfort.

Inspirational Setup

The arrangement is quite inspiring, making this cost-effective lesehan living room has an eye-catching appearance. The use of earth tone colors creates an airy and homey impression. Don’t forget to use this wall decoration, it still feels maximum with a stratified arrangement with simple motifs that are not boring.


Lesehan Chair

This lesehan living room has a comfortable base with a wide carpet combined with a floor sofa that can be enjoyed like a regular sofa. The use of this lesehan living room design can create maximum comfort and a relaxed impression. You and your guests can also enjoy chatting while watching television shows that are currently taking place.


by the Window

This lesehan living room does not present much furniture in it. However, the existence of this living room is still attractive with the right arrangement in the middle window area of ​​the house which is quite spacious. The use of the brown color of this floor carpet feels more harmonious and blends with the curtains that have this color. Not to forget, the presence of ornamental plants on both sides of the carpet can make a variety of decorations that refresh the room.


Outdoor Living Room

The living room does not have to be in the house, you can use the empty area on the terrace as an open living room with refreshing air. In this lesehan living room design, a comfortable floor rug is used with the same motif as the cushion it has. The existence of this lesehan living room feels more fresh thanks to the presence of ornamental plants that surround it.

Tiny Lesehan Living Room

The lesehan living room featured in the house this time has a spacious and comfortable area. The use of fur rugs equipped with small pads also makes it comfortable for guests. Use colors that match the interior of the house on the floor carpet used so that even though it looks simple and cost-effective, this lesehan living room still has a charming appearance.


Room and Family Room

The existence of the lesehan living room which is right in front of the entrance has maximum lighting with extra security thanks to the presence of this main door trellis. The use of the function of the lesehan living room as well as this family room makes other areas function optimally and completely. Not only that, the presence of a television in the lesehan living room will help guests feel more comfortable when talking.

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