7 Creative Ideas for Creating Minimalist Kitchen Designs for Small Houses

A small house is very appropriate when designed with a minimalist style and arrangement. A minimalist kitchen does sound simple and easy. But to make it happen, of course not that easy. You are required to prioritize function without neglecting aesthetics. That way, the kitchen interior will feel more flexible, and make cooking more fun.

So that you don’t get confused about designing a minimalist kitchen that fits in a small house, homesandgarden.us has compiled 7 Ways to Create a Minimalist Kitchen Design for a Small House. The inspiration for the ways and kitchen designs below, can be an interesting option to renovate your kitchen.

1. Consider a Layout that Fits the Dimensions of the Kitchen

Layout or layout is the first thing that must be carefully considered. There are various layout models for the kitchen, from L, U-shaped kitchens to hallway kitchens. If you have an open kitchen model as above, a U-shaped kitchen can be chosen. The side of the kitchen table can be used as a bar table as well as a kitchen dividing area.

2. Choosing the Right Kitchen Table Model


kitchen table is the main piece of furniture in the kitchen. Choose a kitchen table model that fits the dimensions of the space. When you are at home, it doesn’t matter if you make a cast table design like this. This inline model is quite suitable for small homes. Under the kitchen table there is still space for storage of kitchen furniture. Get around the limitations of space by applying more white in your minimalist kitchen.

3. Choose a color combination according to taste

Minimalist kitchens are synonymous with neutral color choices. However, you can still add your favorite colors to your minimalist kitchen. For example, choosing a pink color combination into the kitchen. This pink color gives a more elegant visual to a minimalist kitchen for a small house. To make it more lively, it doesn’t matter if you choose a ceramic backsplash with a motif like this.


Multifunctional Storage

Every kitchen needs storage. Choose storage that fits your kitchen area and personality. If you don’t like having to bother opening the cabinet just to look for spices, the top cabinet option can be hung with a shelf like this. Special wooden shelves for cooking spices to decorations will make the kitchen more practical, spacious and neater.

5. Prioritize Safety and Comfort

You can design a Scandinavian-style minimalist kitchen like this kitchen. However, in addition to aesthetics, always prioritize safety and comfort when cooking in the kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t have windows or openings, consider installing a cooker hood or cooking hood. Cooker hood will make the kitchen cleaner and fresher from dirty air and cooking odors.

6. Make the Most of Kitchen Space

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A minimalist kitchen also prioritizes the best use of space. No problem, if you have to make the kitchen area and washing machine in the same place. That way, every space will be utilized. You can make the washing machine visually match the kitchen set. The kitchen area and the laundry room will look more harmonious.

7. Always Keep the Kitchen Clean and Tidy

Perhaps many of us have kitchens full of these items. The arrangement doesn’t seem to matter, the number of items still makes the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing in density. Most importantly, always keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Place each item in its place. The kitchen will remain functional and comfortable to use.

Source: helloshabby.com

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