7 Creative Inspirations for Decorating Girls’ Bedrooms in Girly Pink Shades

Children’s bedrooms are generally minimalist in size, not with a large area. But this is a challenge in itself to decorate a comfortable bedroom and become a place to appreciate yourself. Besides being comfortable, a child’s bedroom also needs complete furniture such as a study table so that when in the child’s room he can do his schoolwork comfortably. Of the many bedroom designs, it is the girls’ room that is quite difficult to arrange. Because there are many ideas and ways to decorate a girl’s bedroom. Starting from the color of the bedroom, the decorations to the theme of the room. So, here are 7 creative ideas for decorating a girl’s bedroom with girly pink shades that can be used as inspiration. Check out more reviews below:

Simple and bright girls bedroom

The most important thing when decorating a girl’s bedroom with a narrow size is the lighting of the space. Completeness of furniture such as beds, storage cabinets or cupboards is also important to organize all the needs of children. But you can work around the furniture by making sure it’s the right size so it doesn’t seem too much and it looks stuffy. Use a comfortable single bed, you can apply this soft pink color completely in various rooms so that it blends and looks idealistic.


the storage space for a child’s bedroom

Children need a place to store all their personal belongings and school supplies. Especially girls, as parents you are obliged to complete the bedroom with adequate facilities. such as cabinets, study tables to other important furniture that can be made more functional. But remember, if the size of the child’s bedroom is too small, make sure not to overdo the decorations or furniture used. You just need some furniture to match the decorations. For example, the pink color that is liked by children and is suitable for a girly and adorable theme.


girls bedroom ideas


though it is used for children, like a bedroom, it also needs to be designed with a neat arrangement. Using a minimalist pink interior that is warm and looks like a relief, this bedroom is equipped with an open wardrobe model and a dressing table which is very effective if used by children until they grow up. Make sure to design the interior of the child’s bedroom by providing an energetic decorative effect so that the activities in the room continue and are more enthusiastic.

Creative children’s bedroom design with blaster wallpaper

In addition to allowing children to sleep alone, you can allow children to hone their creativity in arranging the interior of their own room. For example, by letting them install this minimalist pink blaster-themed wall wallpaper mixed with white. The size of the bedroom that is not too large can be circumvented by the presence of a room window so that light enters optimally. Another thing you can add is a display rack that can be a place for displays or the child’s personal equipment.


bedroom with attractive, energetic decor

Make sure the child’s bedroom does not look dim because the interior is not quite right. Therefore, you can use the interior of the bedroom in white mixed with pink as to contain a strong focal point in the bedroom. One of them with slick lighting that does not dazzle the eyes. Add decorations and knick-knacks that are energetic and seem to motivate the child. So that the bedroom you have is not only for rest but also as a comfortable area for studying.

Pink children’s bedroom as a learning and play area

Make the child’s bedroom a fun place. In terms of visuals, completeness of furniture and other functional. This pink girl’s bedroom idea gives a beautiful look even though the size is not too big. An attractive single bed with a cloudy theme, added a display shelf to place magazines and school books. You can add a study desk so that school assignments can be completed easily. Add a small spot for the play area, so children feel at home for long in the room even on weekends.


a child’s bedroom with pink and purple colors

Children grow up quickly, therefore you should design a child’s bedroom according to their growth. If necessary, you can design a child’s bedroom that can be used for a sustainable room while growing up. Well, like the design this time it looks interesting with the concept of sitting under without a bed. Maximum intense lighting is acceptable for freshness and smooth circulation. The interior, which is beautifully designed in purple mixed with pink, gives a bright and visual effect that is slick.

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