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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? This time Mimin will share 7 interesting facts about the dangers of being too good a person. We all know that we have to be kind to everyone so they can do the same.

But, we all forget that it is okay to be a good person, not a too good person, because it is dangerous. So, what are the 7 dangers of being too good a person? Come on, read the reviews and happy reading!

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Need Recognition from Others

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The danger of being too good a person, you will need the approval of others in order to get flattery. That makes Zone Friends do things not with a sincere heart, but on the basis of self-interest. In addition, they also consider all kinds of actions to bring many benefits to them.

When you succeed in making other people happy, that’s where inner satisfaction and comfort arise in yourself. In fact, it actually makes you dependent on their opinions and judgments. Must need recognition to be able to do more.

Easy for Others to Use

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Easy to take advantage of others is one of the dangers of being too good a Zone Buddy. You guys always try to make other people happy and are very easy-going. Thus, they will constantly depend on and take advantage of the situation.

Moreover, if you have a bad feeling to refuse all kinds of requests, even if it is difficult. Then, automatically they will immediately ask for your help without thinking. Maybe not everyone feels shy, but it’s different from other people who don’t hesitate to come to Buddy Zone.

Forget How To Be Happy

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The danger of being too good a person can make you forget to make yourself happy. Every day looking for ways to always make others laugh, comfort when sad, help when difficult, and strengthen those who are weak. Unknowingly Friend Zone is also experiencing the same condition.

Then, will always prioritize others over yourself. This of course drains a lot of energy and time is wasted. Even though you also have the right to live freely, be happy, and say no.

Created Toxic Environment

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Furthermore, the danger of being too good a person is creating a toxic environment. You will depend on each other, which will lead to unhealthy friendships. Then, if the Zone Buddy does not fulfill his request, he will be excommunicated.

In fact, healthy interactions exist when two parties support each other and help each other within reasonable limits. Not with parasitic friendships.

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It’s hard to tell the truth

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The danger of being too good a person, you find it difficult to be honest with yourself. Buddy Zone prioritizes other people and always tries to make them feel comfortable with you. So, afraid to think and tell the truth.

Becoming an Escape

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Then, it will become a place of escape. They will come to Buddy Zone when experiencing sadness and difficulty. But, it’s precisely with your attitude that can’t bear it, then you just want to do it. Then, keep in mind, would they also do the same thing if you were in that position?

Raising Suspicion

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the danger of being too good of a person is to arouse suspicion. With your attitude that always accepts whatever is asked for and needed, it actually makes others think that Zone Buddy has other intentions. So, other people will judge badly.

7 Dangers of Being Too Good

That’s a review of the 7 dangers of being too good a person.

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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