7+ Dial Codes for Cheap Indosat Internet Packages

7+ Dial Codes for Cheap Indosat Internet Packages

Indosat cheap internet packages

Currently people are advised to stay at home only if there is no need that is so important. Therefore Indosat dial code cheap to be what many people are looking for to accompany online for work, study, and social media at home.

Other cheap Telkomsel dial code providers also provide different services for their customers. You need to know that even though this is the latest Indosat internet package dial code, in practice not all customers get it easily. If you are lucky, after you enter this dial code, you will get a quota at a super cheap price.

You will get lots of quotas and prices vary depending on which dial code works on the card Indosat Ooredoo. In 2020, it seems that Indosat’s network is quite stable, so there are many new customers, it is appropriate that lately it has often been included in the top social media trends.

The following is a list of Indosat Internet Package dial codes

The internet package offered by Indosan Ooredoo is the cheapest price for those who have the opportunity. But you also need to know that the promo from this package can only be registered once. That means it’s very likely that you won’t be able to get it again for the second dial list.

Indosat 4 GB package at a price of Rp. 20,000

  1. Your first step is simply to dial the number *929# then press call on your cellphone
  2. Then several options menus will appear
  3. You choose Internet 4 GB, 30hrs, Rp. 20 thousand. Usually point number 3 is chosen, but it is possible that different phones have different order of options.
  4. After selecting the 4GB card, a notification will appear usually via SMS that the Indosat internet package has been successfully registered.

Other secret Indosat dial codes:

Indosat cheap package code / dial *123*111#

If the first promo code doesn’t work, do it again by trying the next dial until it works. So congratulations if you are successful in getting a cheap internet package. For those who haven’t been lucky, don’t be discouraged because there are still promos and secrets for the next special code.

Extra 10 GB package at a price of 25 thousand

– Open the call then dial the number *123*222*3#

– Choose Buy to get the Extra Indosat Ooredo 10GB package (3GB 24 hours, 7GB night package, and 3GB Booster Apps) IDR 25k. Speed ​​and active period according to the initial package.

Indosat internet package dial code

Package IM3 Yellow 1GB + 2GB IDR 6,000/3 days

20GB Plan + free 30 minute calls to all operators

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That’s the list of Indosat Ooredo internet package dial codes, I hope you are lucky and get data promos at low prices. Do you also have the latest Indosat cheap internet tricks that we don’t know about, please share them in the comments.

Just additional information that Indosat has the Freedom Combo package service which is the best and most complete package. With this concentration, customers don’t have to worry about losing their remaining quota because of the Rollover data service, which means that the remaining quota after the active mas runs out can still be used the following month.

For more information, you can click here How to Register for Indosat Ooredoo Freedom Combo Package.

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