7 Free WordPress Comment Plugins for Your Website

Having many readers on our blog / website is certainly a matter of pride. With so many readers, it is undeniable that it will increase the number of comments on our posts as well. Of course this will also help the development of our blog / website on pagerank on search engines. For that, you need a WordPress comment plugin specifically to handle reader comments. Following, Hosting Expert will discuss about 5 free WordPress comment plugins that you can try.

1. Akismet

Comment WordPress Plugin - champhosting.com
How the Akismet plugin works – via wordpress.org

Getting a lot of spam emails, of course, is something that is troubling, isn’t it?. Therefore, the existence of a special WordPress comment plugin whose job is to filter incoming comments is certainly very important. Plugins Akismet this is what will do it for your WordPress website. Every comment that enters our post will be filtered first by Akismet, then we just have to choose to display it or delete it.

id="2-facebook-comment">2. Facebook Comment

Comment WordPress Plugin - champhosting.com
The appearance of the Facebook Comment plugin after installation – via wpbuffs.com

In addition to the default default comment form that WordPress has, you can also integrate your WordPress comment form with Facebook. Comments left by blog / website visitors will have a display on behalf of their Facebook profile. As the name implies, this wordpress comment plugin can be the right choice for you.

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3. Disqus

Comment WordPress Plugin - champhosting.com
How the Disqus plugin looks after it’s installed – via wordpress.org

If you are bored with the appearance of the comment section on the default WordPress website, this plugin can be an option. This WordPress comment plugin does have an attractive appearance and is easy to use. Disqus allows visitors to our blog / website to comment more easily and interactively. In addition, this one plugin is also integrated with websites and people on Disqus discussion forums around the world.

id="4-super-socializer">4. Super Socializer

Comment WordPress Plugin - champhosting.com
Super Socializer plugin appearance after installation – via wordpress.org

This WordPress comment plugin allows us to display comments from various platforms such as Facebook, G+ Comments, Disqus, as well as the default WordPress comment section. This will give us a lot of options in one plugin package. Thus, it is more effective and does not burden the performance of our website.

5. Disable Comments

Comment WordPress Plugin - champhosting.com
id="caption-attachment-44449" class="wp-caption-text">Display of Disable Comments plugin after installation – via wpbeginner.com

It’s not just a matter of displaying comments that can be done on our WordPress website. Actually, the default feature of WordPress does have a menu to disable the comment section, but it’s not active comment section This applies to all pages and posts globally. If we want to deactivate comment section on certain posts, this can be done with this plugin.

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Well, that’s a free Wordpess comment plugin that you can try, friend!. If you have references to other free WordPress comment plugins, please write them in the comments column.

Hope it is useful! ️