7 Longest Rivers in Indonesia and their Pictures

The Nile and the Amazon are two examples of the longest rivers in the world. In Indonesia itself, there is one of the longest rivers which is said to be similar to the Amazon because it has biodiversity. Not only that, there are still many longest rivers in Indonesia which you can read a brief review of in this article.

Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has hundreds of rivers of various sizes. In fact, some have a length of up to a thousand kilometers and have the title as one of the longest rivers in Indonesia. In addition, there are still some of the longest rivers in Indonesia and you can read their reviews in this article.

In Indonesia, rivers have several benefits, such as agricultural irrigation canals and rainwater drainage channels. There are also some people who use it as a power plant, a place to find fortune, or even a tourist attraction.

Not surprisingly, the largest rivers in Indonesia do have amazingly beautiful views to attract tourists to visit. In fact, there is also a bridge above it stands a beautiful special for pedestrians.

Well, about what kind of beauty? Instead of being curious, it’s better if you look directly at a brief review of the largest river in Indonesia and the pictures below. Happy reading!

1. Kapuas

Source: Instagram – baka.neko.baka

The people of Kalimantan must be familiar with this river, right? Kapuas or often also called Batang Lawai is the longest river in Kalimantan. Precisely located in West Kalimantan and passing through the districts of Sintang, Sekadau, Sanggau, and Pontianak.

The total area of ​​Kapuas reaches 98,740 km2 with a length of approximately 1,143 km and a width of 700 m. Here, there are often new discoveries of plants and animals. One example is the Kapuas mud snake or Enhydris gyii discovered in 2003 by German and American herpetologists. The snake is classified as extraordinary because it can change the color of its skin.

If you are visiting Pontianak and want to enjoy the beauty of Kapuas, try to board a tourist boat parked at Kapuas Square Park. The ship will take you across the beauty of the city of Pontianak with the route to Taman Alun Kapuas, Jami Sultan Syarif Abburahman Alkadri Mosque, then past the Kapuas Bridge until you return to where you boarded. But to ride it, you have to spend not too much, which is around IDR 10,000 – IDR 15,000.

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2. Mahakam

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Still located in Kalimantan, the Mahakam is the second longest river in Indonesia. Mahakam empties into the Makassar Strait and has a length of about 920 km and crosses several areas. Among them, the upstream part passes through West Kutai Regency to Kutai Kartanegara Regency, while the downstream passes through Samarinda City.

Mahakam has an important role in people’s lives, such as a source of water, a place to earn a living, and transportation infrastructure. Local residents usually catch fish in these waters.

Mahakam is a place to live for fish that are recorded as rare, namely freshwater dolphins or porpoises. Not only that, the surrounding area is also a habitat for many types of birds and some of them are endemic species. Examples are the borneo dusky mannikin, borneo whistler, bornean peacock-pheasant, bornean blue-flycatcher, and bornean bristlehead.

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3. Barito

Source: Instagram – zidankreb

Barito is one of the longest and widest rivers in Indonesia, located in Central Kalimantan. Its upstream is in the Schwaner Mountains which stretch from Central Kalimantan to the Java Sea. Barito is about 909 km long with a width of approximately 1 km and an average depth of 8 meters.

Residents use Barito as a transportation infrastructure and earn a living. There is a market as well as a floating tourist attraction in Barito, namely a floating market that sells daily food needs, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, and others.

Not only that, this floating market also provides ready-to-eat food and drinks, such as coffee, tea, and snacks. Of course, enjoying these dishes while sailing on a boat will be very exciting. Therefore, the market which is open from 06.30–08.00 WITA is not only visited by local residents, but also attracts tourists.

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4. Batang Hari

Source: Instagram – prince_genta

If you want to visit Jambi, don’t forget to stop by Batang Hari. Its length is about 800 km so it is included in one of the longest rivers in Indonesia. Batang Hari does attract tourists to visit because there are several tourist attractions around it.

One of them is the Gentala Throne Bridge which is specifically for pedestrians. Actually, this bridge is wide enough so that it can be passed by motorbikes or cars, it’s just that motorized vehicles are still prohibited from crossing.

In addition, you can also visit Bukit Ilalang Teletubies which is on the coast of Batang Hari. On the hill, you can see the beautiful stretch of Batang Hari water while enjoying the fresh breeze. The ticket price is also very cheap, which is only Rp. 2,000.

5. Musi

Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the longest rivers in Indonesia which is located in Sumatra besides Batang Hari is the Musi. The water source comes from the Bukit Barisan Mountains which stretches from Aceh to Lampung.

Musi is estimated to be 750 km long with an average depth of 6.5 meters and divides the city of Palembang into two parts, namely the northern part of Seberang Ilir and the southern part of Seberang Ulu. One of the icons of Palembang City, Ampera Bridge, stretches beautifully over Musi.

Besides Musi, this river is also often called Batang Hari Sembilan which means nine major rivers. The name refers to the traditional term for referring to the nine tributaries of Musi, namely Klingi, Bliti, Lakitan, Rawas, Rupit, Lematang, Leko, Ogan, and Komering.

6. Mamberamo

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After discussing rivers in Kalimantan and Sumatra, it’s time to move on to Papua. Not to be outdone by other provinces, Papua also has one of the longest rivers in Indonesia, namely the Mamberamo. His name comes from the Dani language, mambe which means big and ramo means water.

In and around Mamberamo there is a diversity of biodiversity that is often referred to as the Amazon of Papua. Here, several new species have also been discovered. Some of them are black butterflies (Fojona’s Ideopsis)long-nosed frog (Litoria sp. Nov)pergam emperor (Dacula sp. no)and others.

Not only that, the river which has a length of about 670 km also has endemic species. Some examples are new flower bats, small tree mice, flowering shrubs, and small wallabies. Not only that, here there is also sago that thrives along the Mamberamo, especially in the lower reaches and swamps.

Local residents rely on these sago plants as their main food. In addition, local residents also use two species of crocodile, estuarine and land crocodiles, to be hunted and then consumed or sold to entrepreneurs.

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7. Bengawan Solo

Source: Wikimedia Commons

When you hear his name, maybe you automatically sing a song from Gesang “Bengawan Solo, your history has always been a human concern.” Bengawan is a Javanese word which means a big river. It is estimated that the length of Bengawan Solo reaches 584 km which stretches between two provinces, Central Java and East Java.

The Solo River is one of the most famous rivers among paleoanthropologists. This is due to the many discoveries of ancient hominids more than 1.5 million years old in its valleys. One of them is an ancient human fossil called Java Man and is stored in Sangiran.

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Is there the longest river in Indonesia located in your area?

Thus the row of the longest rivers in Indonesia along with a brief review. Are there any that are close to where you live? Maybe you didn’t realize before that the river is one of the longest in Indonesia.

Well, as good and virtuous citizens, let’s always take care of the rivers that are around us. Do not throw garbage in rivers so that the water remains clean and all living things in it are also preserved. Not a hard thing to do, right?

For those of you who want to increase knowledge, just go to the IGUCeleb.com site. This site contains interesting information, such as the highest mountain in Indonesia, the largest fish in the world, the smallest city in the world, and much more. Happy reading!

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