7 Marketing Trends 2021 For Small Business

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses large and small operate.

The biggest impact we can see is small businesses that go out of business during the pandemic.

We have seen more products and services go online and many employees will continue to work from home.

In the 1998 period, many businesses died due to the monetary crisis, but on the other hand, many businesses rose because of it. And now Indonesia is officially experiencing an economic recession.

If you understand the marketing trends of 2021, more or less it will really help your small business rise and grow like many companies in the 1998s rose.

Many large companies are ready to pour big funds for promotions on social media in 2021.

This is not without reason, the reason is clear that during the pandemic, people’s activities are online and spend time accessing social media.

The shift of offline activities to all online has forced companies to start online marketing strategies on social media to attract new potential customers and establish relationships with old customers.

You can also do the same. Build social media for your business. Make a content plan, regularly post new and useful things and mingle with your potential customers. You can also promote on social media with advertisements.


businesses really need to make sure that you are searchable on the internet for local searches. In B2C business it is very important to attract local customers around your place of business.

Create a Google My Business account, fill in the details and include the geographic location there. Google is also currently prioritizing local search results because they will be much more relevant to people searching for them.

7 Marketing Trends 2021 For Small Business


tips, when you want to take advantage of local SEO, don’t just use your brand name and business.

Instead of using the name “Warung Makan Pak Kumis”, it is better to include only the name of the main culinary. For example, “Geprek Pak Kumis” so that when people search for Geprek Chicken on Google, Google will display your business there.


can actually be a major strength because big companies don’t. KFC didn’t name it Fried Chicken. So this can make the main strength of your small business.

Google Ads is the most popular marketing medium for all types of businesses today because it is easy to customize ads, keywords and promotions for maximum results.

By advertising on Google Ads, you can reach all circles, both users of applications, YouTube, news portals and search results.

With the PPC system it offers, you don’t have to pay for ads that run until the user clicks on the ad.

Voice search is becoming more and more popular year by year and it has greatly affected Google search results. The search results are also different because often speaking and text-based search styles are very different.


search should also be developed, especially if you are a person who does promotion with SEO and Google Ads for search.

Do research using software such as Market Samurai, Google Planner and so on.

Promotion should be made more interactive and this can be done to the website as well as social media. This will gain appreciation from visitors and make your brand look professional and make them curious about your brand.

For example, you are a property developer, you can add a simple calculator on your website so they can calculate interest, down payment, installment amount and more on your website.

Adding value to your visitors increases the prospect’s interaction with your brand and this can attract your potential customers.

7 Marketing Trends 2021 For Small Business

On social media, you can be interactive by asking for ratings, creating quizzes, games, polls, interactive videos, surveys, and contests. Contests are a great way to increase reach and

your visibility effectively, quickly.

The quickest way to get your brand out there in front of lots of new prospects, inexpensively, is to have your current customers share a contest post on social media.


platforms like IG TV, YouTube, TikTok and others are growing in popularity and will become even more popular in 2021.

People no longer read a lot of text, but rather listen to videos which tend to be lighter to understand because they present audio-visual content that makes it easier for the viewer to understand.

Therefore, try to use video as your marketing platform because its effectiveness is hard to deny. It’s true that making videos is much more difficult than writing, but videos are better than writing alone.

Video templates for promotions are also very easy to find on the internet and use them yourself. For editing, you don’t need to use professional video editing software like Adobe After Effects, but you can only use KineMaster for example.

Now the use of influencers has become a trend in the world of marketing. With a large number of followers, a brand becomes quickly recognized by others.

And this has been known for a long time. However, in 2021, it is estimated that one of the trends is starting to shift from influencers with large followers to influencers with not too large followers or commonly known as micro influencers.

Big influencers now no longer have a big influence on their followers because everyone knows they recommend products for money, not because the product recommendations are suitable for users. Precisely the personal side is lost here.

Some influencers are really idealistic because they only want to promote what they feel is very appropriate for their followers and they will choose the items they want to promote, they promote not just for money.

And influencers like this are contested by many brands and followers who believe in their recommendations. But influencers like this are so rare that today’s millennials don’t care about everything that influencers say about a product.

7 Marketing Trends 2021 For Small Business

However, a consumer making a purchase is 70% influenced by recommendations from friends or people nearby.

And this is a new marketing strategy using micro influencers. They are not very famous, but their influence on followers is quite strong and trustworthy.

This is because they have a good and close relationship with their followers.

That’s the 2021 marketing trend for small businesses that you can apply so that 2021 will be the start of the revival of your business to be bigger.

How to implement some of the above is quite simple. Even without capital. The most important thing is to be consistent and keep trying.