7 Minimalist Room Designs with Arrangements by the Window, for a Comfortable Rest

Having a comfortable bedroom is of course the desire of everyone. Many aspects must be considered in providing a comfortable atmosphere in the room. Room arrangement can be an important support in creating a room that is functional and remains comfortable as a relaxation room after the activities that have been carried out. One of the interesting arrangements in a room is to arrange it near the window which can give a warm and bright impression. For that, see the following review of 7 Minimalist Room Inspirations with Arrangements by the Window.

Natural Parquet Floor

The arrangement of the bedroom near the window feels even more warm and soothing thanks to the concept of a room with a selection of soft color palettes. This room, which is dominated by white, still provides a varied concept with the use of parquet floors that look natural and clean. In addition to the parquet floor that gives variety to this white room, the use of a simple pattern is also displayed on the sleeping pillow.

White Room with Simple Furniture

It is common knowledge that the color white will bring a room to be more spacious, clean, and elegant. These advantages are also applied to rooms that have this arrangement near the window. To give a textured impression, this room also provides white wallfoam with an elegant brick motif. However, to give a different atmosphere, the furniture in it also uses other color variations that remain harmonious.


Room Wallpaper

Although dominated by floral motifs, this room still has a sense of relief thanks to its arrangement near the window. Don’t forget the use of trellises on the windows will help the room to be much safer but still edgy. With furniture that is dominated by purple, the use of wallpaper in this room uses soft colors with a faint floral pattern so that it does not saturate the room.


mattress near the window


minimalist room has a pretty smart arrangement with the concept of a lesehan near the window. This arrangement near the window will provide a much freer and fresher air. In addition, the incoming sunlight helps make the room look wider and brighter. You can use a high mattress to resemble the height of the bed but still be easy to move as needed.

A Tiny Window That Stays Functional

It doesn’t matter how big the window you have in the room, because the existence of this room window should have a function that remains maximal in providing light and also fresh air circulation. This minimalist room uses an increasingly sweet lesehan concept with a standing lamp that is able to provide a warm and soothing dramatic atmosphere, especially with the combination of parquet floors which have warm, natural colors.

Elegant Standing Mirror

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The existence of a large window in this room makes the room look spacious and spacious even though it has walls with many motifs. The existence of a window that is able to supply light into this room is maximized by the presence of a standing mirror that is able to reflect objects around so that it looks spacious and of course functional.

Maximum Window and Ventilation

Maximum windows and ventilation in this room provide benefits with a semi-outdoor impression that you can enjoy. However, with the number of windows large enough, it must also be equipped with extra security in order to still provide security and comfort in it. You can use window trellis so that there is no access that can be used on the window other than sunlight and air which maximizes your rest comfort.

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