7 Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs with Beautiful Gazebos

With a gazebo pool on the edge of the pool, it can provide a clear and fresh atmosphere for you when relaxing in this gazebo.

What is a gazebo? a name that is no stranger to facilities or places for you and your family to relax. When you feel tired and tired, you need relaxation so that your mind feels calmer and more energized. The relaxation you do is quite simple, like sitting back and enjoying a cup of warm tea in a minimalist gazebo.

In modern dwellings, gazebos are also often an option to complete the dwelling. With a modern but still natural design, the presence of a gazebo in the yard can provide space for you to enjoy the natural atmosphere in your home. You don’t have to have a large house, even a small yard can still be managed by placing a gazebo.

Having a swimming pool at home can make residents of the house, especially children feel happy and enthusiastic because children really like to play in water.

Although not as big as a swimming pool in general, when designing a minimalist swimming pool, you must determine whether you want to make an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

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