7 Pros and Cons of Poco C40: Best 1 Million 2022

Pros and Cons of Poco C40

The big surprise came from POCO who will officially introduce their first 1 million cellphone. This cellphone comes with the name POCO C40, which has the advantages and disadvantages of the Poco C40 which are very interesting.

Poco is equipped with quite surprising specifications in the price range of 1 million. Especially with the new chipset, the JLQ JR510 type, which is capable of running many heavy games, which were impossible to run with a million cellphones before.

The presence of the Poco C40 will be a solution for gamers who want to play games on cellphones at low prices. Even though the price tag is relatively cheap at 1 million, the design appearance of this cellphone is no less good.

What else is enough to steal attention is the camera, which this cellphone already uses a night camera. With prices of less than 2 million users, you will be spoiled for choice by having a photography line.

We can also find another striking thing in the battery section which is powered by a 6,000 mAh battery. However, like other cheap cellphones, some of the shortcomings of the Indonesian Poco C40 specifications will also be found on several lines.

Pros and Cons of Poco C40The Xiaomi Poco C40 really can be the best choice for current 1 million cellphones. With the specifications it carries, it is quite impossible that there will be competitors who will provide balanced resistance.

Well, on this occasion Projectino.com There will be various information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi Poco C40. For those of you who plan to have this cool cellphone, you must check the following review.

1. Design

Xiaomi Poco C40 priceBy design, the Poco C40 has a strong design as the Poco generation. This can be seen on the back of this cellphone, which has thick poco writing on the back.

For the front, we will find a cellphone with a water drop design. This cellphone itself will also have several color choices such as Power Black, Coral Green and Poco Yellow.

2. Screen

For the screen, it will use a screen with a width of 6.71 inches which already has a resolution of 720 x 1650 pixels. Even though the resolution is still HD plus this one phone will have a pixel density of 268 ppi.

The type of screen used is a screen with an IPS panel with HD + resolution. With the low price of the Poco C40, this cellphone will be equipped with a premium Corning Gorilla Glass screen protector.

3. Memory

Poco C40 imageFor RAM options, Poco will provide 3GB and 4GB RAM options which can be attractive choices for you. This phone will also be equipped with a fairly spacious internal, namely 32GB and 64GB which can be an option.

If you feel the internal memory is small enough, you can add it with the available micro SD slot. In terms of memory, it seems that there is nothing wrong with a cellphone with a price of 1 million on this one.

4. Performance

For the Poco C40 machine itself, it will be supported by the new JLQ JR510 chipset. Even though the chipset is new, the performance is really very interesting with the ability of the chipset to be able to run various heavy games smoothly.

The chipset will be supported by an Octa-core CPU and GPU Mali-G57 MC1. The chipset performance will be perfected with Android 11 and supported by MIUI 13 Or Poco as the UI.

5. Camera

Xiaomi Poco C40 specificationsFor the front camera itself, it will use a camera with a 5 MP lens with an f/2.2 lens opening. This one camera also has an HDR feature which is also capable of recording videos with resolutions up to Full HD.

What’s special is that with a low price tag, the rear camera of this cellphone is capable of taking photos at night. This rear camera has a 13 MP and 2 MP arrangement with LED flash features, HDR, panoramas on this phone which is also capable of recording Full HD videos.

6. Features

Talking about the features of this cellphone, it already has quite complete features. For example, in the connectivity section, we will find very complete connectivity features. Even for its own completeness, some classes already have NFC.

With a fairly cheap price tag, it is quite interesting that this phone will also be equipped with USB Type C. As for the battery, we will find a battery with a super large capacity of 6,000 mAh with 18W fast charging.

7. Poco C40 price

Xiaomi Poco C40For now, there is no more detailed information about how much the Poco C40 costs. However, from several sources, it is reported that this cellphone will be priced at only 1 million.

If it really costs this much, then Poco C40 going to be an attractive phone in this price class. Hopefully in the future one cellphone can become a cellphone that is ready without the frills of a Ghoib cellphone.


Overall, the Xiaomi Poco C40 is a very attractive cellphone in the 1 million price class. You don’t need to hesitate anymore to choose this cellphone from Xiaomi as the best Daily Driver cellphone at this price.

Hopefully later this cellphone will be present in Indonesia without the frills of the Ghoib cellphone. See also information about “How to Check RAM Xiaomi MIUI 12” on the previous Tutorial on the previous information.