7 Recommended Applications for Easier Online Lectures!

7 Recommended Applications for Easier Online Lectures!

Applications for Online Lectures – Greetings to the teacher’s father and mother! Has anyone missed teaching face to face in class?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and PSBB was enforced, all activities at schools and lectures were automatically stopped. Therefore, lectures are also carried out online at home.

E-learning or online learning has actually been around for a long time in Indonesia. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, online lectures have become the best option for students who cannot attend lectures on campus.

Well, as a lecturer, you are required to be able to organize a number of teaching and learning activities. And of course you need a medium to still be able to follow the lectures.

7 Recommended Applications for Easier Online Lectures!

This time, Jagoan Hosting has summarized 7 applications that you can use for online lectures with your students. What’s wrong?

1. Zoom, the most popular online lecture app

application for online lecture

The first app you can use is Zoom Cloud, which is an app for online meeting. This service has been available on the desktop platform since 2011 and is now available for Android and iOS users.

With this application, you can do video conferencing with students and lecturers.

2. Google Classroom

With the support of Google, this application is specially designed for teachers and lecturers in providing learning materials. Assignment and completion of tasks can be done via Google Drive and using Gmail as notifications.

The process of creating classes on Google Classroom is very fast and easy when compared to other LMSs that have to install or register with an LMS provider.

You just need to access it and then share the learning materials. Interface Google Classroom is also more user-friendly making it ideal for use by any teacher with any level of experience e-learning diverse.

3. Edmodo

Edmodo is an online lecture application that not only connects students and teachers, but also with parents or guardians.

Students and faculty can share notes, links, and documents with each other. With Edmodo, teachers can check students’ understanding levels and reward performance and behavior during learning.

What makes it different from other applications is that parents can monitor their children’s learning activities.

4. The super simple Whatsapp is also an application of choice for online lectures

application for online lecture

Who doesn’t use Whatsapp nowadays? This application must be very familiar and often used in everyday life.

For students, it is a must to install this one application on their cellphones. In addition, Whatsapp is also considered easier to operate.

Students and also lecturers can carry out teaching and learning activities using the group chat feature on Whatsapp. In this way, students and lecturers can connect and communicate more smoothly.

5. Google Duo

Google Duo is another product from Google that can be used as a distance learning application.

There are features Knock Knock, namely the video preview display when there is a call. This application has a faster and more stable connection, and with technology end-to-end encrypted.

6. Skype

This application is very popular among users of remote communication tool features. So do not be surprised if lecturers and students conduct online lectures using this application.

Skype is capable of making calls with up to 70 users at once and has good voice quality.

7. Moodle, this is the best application for online lectures. Do you agree?

the best learning management system

And the last one is Moodle! A website-based online lecture application that can change the learning system into an online form or online form web-based.

Moodle allows students to enter digital classrooms and access all learning materials that have been shared by teachers. This application also allows teachers to create quizzes, materials, journals, and more.

But before installing Moodle for learning, you need to have a domain and hosting first. You can get it by subscribing to Jagoan Hosting and choosing the package that suits your needs yourself!

Those are 7 recommended applications that you can use for online lectures. If you prefer Which application do you use, friend? Mimin really recommends Moodle. Want to try the features? Get it here!

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