7 Signs Children Have High Intelligence, Sometimes They Prefer to Play Alone Bun

Jakarta – Since the little one is born, Mom and Dad certainly hope that the Little One will grow up to be a healthy and smart child. To achieve this, of course, requires various efforts.

For example, for a healthy body, your little one needs to eat nutritious food and do healthy activities. Signs of a healthy child can also be seen physically, Mother.

Then what about smart kids? The level of intelligence of each child is different, Mother and many factors influence it. However, there are indeed children who have above average intelligence.

Children who have intelligence quotient (IQ) higher tend to have the ability to break new ground, be creative, and use their intelligence productively to even change the world, Mother.

In other words, intelligent children have the ability to think and learn better and faster than others. Well, because their brain abilities are much stronger than the average other child, Mother will often see some ‘weirdness’ in their behavior.

“Children may exhibit high intelligence at an early age, such as preschool, but it is not a reliable benchmark for future intelligence. The IQ acquired by a 7-year-old is likely to remain stable for the rest of their life,” says Dr Han Ren, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and specialist in school psychology. Romper.

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Then, what are the unusual characteristics that indicate a child has high intelligence? Check the explanation as quoted from the page Parents First Cry next, Mother.

1. Excellent communication and language skills

Babies have various ways of communicating, for example by smiling or crying. They will also make funny sounds. Usually, your baby will start talking when he is 4-5 months old.

They say their first words around 12 months of age and graduate to word formation by 18 months of age. If your little one shows an interest in words and books when you tell stories, or forms sentences before the age of 14 months, these are early signs that your little one is a smart baby.

Apart from that, some very intelligent babies can easily follow verbal directions to reach a certain place in the house or understand instructions to perform a certain task.

2. Emotionally strong personality

Babies who are gifted with additional intelligence also have strong emotions, you know, Mother. This means that they will feel positive and negative emotions quite strongly and will have complex and mature thoughts.

If your little one is smart, pay attention to how he relates to someone or a pet, Mom. Such children need to be encouraged and told that their thoughts are quite normal and vital.

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