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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Happy Valentine, may this year be filled with joy and love from loved ones. Since this is the moment of Valentine’s Day, it feels incomplete if you don’t spend time with your family or partner with these romantic films.

Come on, check out the reviews of 7 special Valentine’s Day romantic films for Zone Friends.

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Tune in For Love (2019)

Picture of the cast of the movie Tune in For Love (Photo: i.pinimg.com)

After successfully starring in several Korean dramas, Kim Go-Eun is now on the rise by starring in romantic films with Jung Hae In. This Korean film is set in the ’90s which managed to captivate film lovers, especially Korea.

Tune in For Love tells the journey of a love story between Kim Mi-soo and Cha Hyun-woo who experience on and off due to circumstances. The two started their love story due to an accidental meeting. Since then, they have been interacting with each other more often. In addition, having almost the same background, makes them a relationship.

However, in 1997 the economic crisis hit South Korea which caused Mi Soo’s cake shop to be closed and required her to move. Hyun Woo and Mi Soo never saw each other again. Then how the continuation of the film, curious right? Don’t forget to watch it!

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021)

Picture of the movie scene To All the Boys: Always and Forever (Photo: tvline.com)

The three romantic films from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy have never disappointed their fans. This film is an adaptation of a novel by Jenny Han. the same as the previous two films,

This film tells the story of Lara Jane who has just returned from South Korea and is preparing for her high school graduation. Then he imagined what his life would be like after graduation. He also begins to plan his life if he breaks up or continues with his lover, Peter.

The film To All the Boys: Always and Forever focuses on telling the process of Lara’s maturation. Even so, there are lots of romantic scenes between Lara and Peter that actually make the audience excited and laugh because of this couple.

Blue Jay (2016)

Blue Jay (2016) movie scene images

This romantic film tells the story of a pair of ex-lovers named Jim and Amanda. The two are former high school sweethearts who split up because Jim lives out of town, while Amanda lives in her hometown. Then they meet again after years of being apart and spending time together.

Not only that, this film also tells the past of Jim and Amanda when they were still dating in high school. Even the two of them pretended to be married and did romantic things together until Jim confessed that he had never stopped loving Amanda.

What makes this film interesting is that it is packed with black and white nuances which further adds to the romantic impression of the love story between Jim and Amanda.

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Valentine’s Day (2010)

Picture of Valentine’s Day movie scene (Photo: hdsydsvenskan.se)

This romantic film, which was released in 2016, stars a row of actors and actresses who already have track record extraordinary in Hollywood, such as Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Julia Robert, to Patrick Dempsey. This film presents the stories of many couples in Los Angeles, United States

Valentine’s Day tells about the journey of love stories from a long-standing relationship, a couple’s relationship without status, two people who haven’t found a partner, to two people who just made their first date. All packed with fun and full of Valentine’s Day vibes.

Habibie & Ainun (2012)

Picture of the movie scene of Habibi and Ainun (Photo: yunoya.id)

Who doesn’t know this romantic film? A film that has millions of fans and is always eagerly awaited release. This film adapts the true story of the love journey of BJ Habibie and his wife Ainun. Set in the ’60s, this film tells the story of the reunion between Habibie and Ainun in Bandung until they both fall in love and decide to move on to marriage.

Later, Ainun and Habibie moved to Germany because Habibie got a job there. Their life journey was not easy, there were a lot of sacrifices, pain, loneliness, and the temptation of wealth and power that they had to face while in Germany until they returned to their homeland.

Throughout the film, the audience will be spoiled with romantic sentences from Habibie and Ainun. Habibie and Ainun also taught us the meaning of loyalty, struggle, and love that must be strongly intertwined with each other, which further adds to the romantic impression of the film.

A Star Is Born (2018)

A Star Is Born cover image (Photo: maryhowtrust.org)

This romantic film tells of a famous musician named Jackson, who falls in love with Ally. She was the girl that Jackson met at the bar. Then, the two had a serious relationship.

The two of them collaborated to create songs and perform on one stage. Ally also helps Jackson deal with his addiction to alcohol and drugs. But unfortunately, Ally has to face the harsh reality when she can’t save Jackson who failed in fighting his addiction.

What’s Up With Love 2 (2016)

Picture of AADC 2 movie scene (Photo: Sainspedia.co.id)

You should never miss this romantic film. What’s Up With Cinta 2 tells the love story of Rangga and Cinta which has not been clear during high school until now. Their story begins with Rangga who moves to the United States and Cinta who starts a new life, and has a love affair with a new man.

Years apart, the two meet again when Cinta and her best friend do best friend trip to Yogyakarta. They agreed to resolve the problems that occurred in the relationship, the longer the seeds of love grew between the two of them. As a result, Cinta hesitated and hesitated to marry her future husband.

This film is very interesting because it also presents a romantic scene between Cinta and Rangga while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery of Yogyakarta, and makes the audience immersed in the plot of the film.

Recommended 7 Special Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

Friend Zone, that’s 7 special romantic movie recommendations for Valentine’s Day. Mimin is curious about the seven films, which one is your favorite film?

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification updates. See you later!

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