7 Strengths and Weaknesses of Xiaomi Redmi A1: Best 1 Million

Xiaomi Indonesia officially introduced the Xioami Redmi A1. This entry-level mobile phone comes at an affordable price. Comes with various advantages and disadvantages of the Xioami Redmi A1, which makes it an attractive choice in this price class.

It’s not without reason that Xiaomi sells this cellphone at a price of 1.2 million to the Indonesian market. To fill the void in this price class unit, Xiaomi introduced this phone to consumers.

With a relatively cheap price tag, it really feels unethical if users demand more from the specifications they carry. But the name Xioami certainly always brings more to the cellphones they offer.

In terms of specifications, the Xiaomi Redmi A1 is actually very attractive in the 1 million price class. How not with a cheap price tag, consumers get a cellphone with a wide screen, 5,000 mAh battery and dual rear cameras.

There are indeed quite a lot of advantages, but you need to remember that some of the shortcomings of the Xiaomi Redmi A1 also appear in the kitchen runway. Where can you say that the chipset it carries is very old school.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Xioami Redmi A1The Xiaomi Redmi A1 will come with a very attractive performance in the 1 million price class. Where this phone will also have complete features in the connectivity section for cellphones in its class.

For Mi Fans who plan to have this one cellphone, then see the review Projectino. Regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the Xioami Redmi A1, the following interesting reviews will be conveyed.

1. Design

Price for Xioami Redmi A1From the design side, it is clear that this cellphone will be far from the impression of a cheap cellphone. This can be seen in the finishing of the material used, even though it uses plastic, but the finishing is indeed interesting.

The rear design looks good with the dual camera design on the stretcher. Furthermore, this cellphone also looks dashing on the screen which already carries a screen design with a waterdrop.

2. Premium Screen

For the screen itself, users will find a screen with dimensions of 6.52 inches that uses an IPS panel. The screen will have HD plus screen resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels with a screen aspect ratio of 20:9.

The visual display of the Redmi A1 screen will, of course, still spoil users with various visual content. Furthermore, this cellphone will also be equipped with a pixel density of ~ 269 ppi which makes its performance not inferior to a full HD mobile screen.

3. Kitchen Runway

Xioami Redmi A1 SpecificationsThe shortcomings of the Xiaomi Redmi A1 seem to be seen in the kitchen section, where the chipset used still uses the Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22. This chipset can indeed be said to be an old school chipset even though its performance is still very good.

The performance that is shown itself is able to run the various needs of the cellphone itself. Especially with Android 12 Go support, it makes performance even lighter.

4. Memory

For the RAM itself, there will be 2GB and 3GB of RAM which can be an option. For RAM options, it is highly recommended to choose RAM with a larger capacity to support more comfortable multitasking features.

As for the internal memory itself, there will be 32GB of internal memory. If the internal memory feels small, users can take advantage of the microSD slot in the Redmi A1 to provide additional storage space.

5. Photography

Review of Xioami Redmi A1In the camera section, users will find a dual camera on the back for photographic objects. Where for the rear camera there will be a camera with an 8 MP lens with an additional 0.04 MP AI camera.

As for the front camera itself, there will be a camera with a 5 MP single lens. So, the front camera sector can still be relied on for various types of selfie photos, even though the results are not too special.

6. Features

Furthermore, in the features section, where we will find this cellphone comes with features that are quite suitable. With a price of 1 million, it does not make it equipped with features such as USB type C, NFC and fingerprint sensors.

However, we can still find several other connectivity features on this phone, as with the limited sensor. For the battery itself, it will be quite large, namely 5,000 mAh in the absence of fast charging.

7. Price of Xiaomi Redmi A1

Picture of Xioami Redmi A1As Projektino has said, this one cellphone will come at a fairly affordable price. However, with fairly minimal specifications, it does make it worth one million.

  • Price for Xiaomi Redmi A1 2/32GB: IDR 1,149,000
  • Price for Xiaomi Redmi A1 3/32GB: IDR 1,249,000

The low price tag makes users unable to demand more from Xiaomi for these specifications. So, from the specifications, it can be said that this cellphone is indeed the best in its price class.


The presence of the Xiaomi Redmi A1 itself is the answer for users who need a cellphone with a low price tag. Users in the beginner class who need a cellphone for light activities can choose this cellphone as an attractive option.

In the price class of 1 million, it is certain that the name Xiaomi Redmi A1 will be a very interesting name for now. See also information about Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 on a previous review from Projektino.