7 Sunnah of the Prophet You Need to Know

This is a note that I got from the study, 7 Sunnah of the Prophet..


7 SUNNAH OF THE PROPHET that you can practice

1. Establish Prayers tahajjud

2. Read alquran and the meaning
3. Fajr prayer in congregation at the mosque(male2)
4. Execute Duha prayer

5. Increase Alms

6. Always keep wudhu

7. Multiply istighfar

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1. Read the Qur’an and its meaning
2. Evening prayer build up
3. Gather with pious people
4. Increase fasting
5. Prolong the night dhikr

those are some notes this time, and to be honest, I haven’t fully practiced it yet and sometimes it’s still difficult for Istiqommah, but with Learning Together, I hope you can. Thank you for friends in the internet world who have shared knowledge with each other..

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