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ipadguides.id- Hello, Zone Friends! Where have you been during the semester break? But don’t forget, while on vacation while reading tips from your beloved Mimin.

Friend Zone, do you think you have friends who like to say rude things? Or even sometimes you yourself accidentally say rude. So for that, Mimin has some great tips that can get rid of these bad habits. Let’s scroll down to find out more about the following reviews!

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Self Introspection That You Often Say Rude

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Friend Zone, try to introspect yourself, think about the last time you spoke rudely? Whether it was an hour ago or a day ago, you really have to admit, that you’ve spoken harshly.

Once you’ve come to your senses, take a minute to reflect and consider what are the benefits of you speaking harshly? No, no, for that, start reducing the habit of saying rude things.

Refrain from being emotional

Illustration of people holding back anger (Photo: Accuracy)

The next thing you can do is try not to get emotional. Usually when someone is determined to change, there must be a test, don’t let bad things be rewarded with bad too.

Calm your heart and mind Friend Zone so that your brain can respond and also become a good recipient of other people’s bad actions. Try to restrain yourself, so as not to say harsh words too.

Forgiving First

Illustration of people forgiving (Photo: Idntimes)

Learn to forgive, whether it’s harsh words from others or from yourself. Because forgiveness is the best way to mature yourself. If you are hurt by harsh words from other people, and vice versa, other people will also be offended by your words.

Indeed, when you forgive there will be a slight feeling of rejection from your heart, but that is much better than not being able to forgive at all.

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Replace with other, more subtle words

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You also often say harsh words when you encounter something bad, such as people who are not careful when driving a vehicle or when crossing not seeing the right and left of the road.

If you usually say “uh bangs*t, take a look when you walk” replace it with the words “mas or sis, next time be careful if you walk so you don’t crash like that” feel how clean and peaceful your mind is after speaking softly like that.

Ask People Nearby to Help Remind

Illustration of asking others for help (Photo: Beritagar)

So that the habit of saying bad things will soon disappear from you, don’t forget to ask the people closest to you, Zone Friends to remind you when you are free to talk, if the people around you are not reliable, you have to be able to remind yourself.

Also choose a person who if you have a big influence or you don’t like him, so that when he talks, you can easily accept it. You have to be really committed to yourself if you’re really serious about stopping rude talk.

Self Law

Illustration of punishing yourself (Photo; Kinitrending)

Make rules for your life, if you break it, punish yourself. So that you get used to it and are deterred from repeating it, because this is a bad thing if you get used to it it will make you continue to do bad things.

No need to give too heavy a punishment, just give a light punishment like if you violate it twice a week it means your pocket money is cut. It’s up to you to give the punishment, but as much as possible is a punishment that makes you feel deterrent.

Keep Fighting and Don’t Give Up

Illustration of a person who never gives up (Photo: Katabijakhariini)

Indeed a habit can not be lost in a day or two, it takes a long time to leave a bad habit. Surely you will experience difficulties, and various temptations to say it again.

But don’t give up, you have to keep fighting to become a better person, because to get something, you definitely need a big struggle and many obstacles that are ready to stand in your way.

7 Sure Ways to Get Rid of the Habit of Saying Harsh

So, those were some tips from Mimin for Zone Friends who often say rude, hopefully useful. Mimin wants to go home first!

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