7 Tasks for Full Stack Programmers You Must Know!

7 Tasks for Full Stack Programmers You Must Know!

Full stack programmer job – If you pay attention, full stack programmers are being talked about a lot! Especially among startups or job seekers.

Yep, there are many advantages of this profession that have made them highly sought after lately! The reason is, they are not only able to code, but also from the database to the client itself.

Calm down, for those of you who are just starting the life of a full stack programmer, don’t panic, friend! Jagoan Hosting as the best Indonesian virtual machine provider service will give you a ‘grid’ of what their duties are that will help you increase your potential!

1. Coding for back-end and front-end

One of the advantages that make them cool is the ability to master the front-end and back-end!

7 Tasks for Full Stack Programmers You Must Know!

This is why full stack programmers are in high demand by technology companies and startups. This ‘two worlds’ knowledge can be overwhelming if handled by one person and reduce miscommunication.

Of course, you also need to prepare knowledge on the back-end and front-end, yes, friend!

2. Bug-testing is also a full stack programmer task

If you have made it, of course you need to make sure that it runs smoothly on the user, right? Bug-testing is also your task so that you can be alert and quick in responding to existing bugs.

So don’t think that when you’ve finished developing applications and software, it’s complete and you can do it leyeh-leyehyes!

3. Full stack programmers are involved early in the design process

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Generally, their duties will intersect a lot with various parties and teams. From designers to UX researchers, full stack programmers need to coordinate to ensure the app/software design process runs smoothly.

This way, you can get an idea of ​​how to maximize the app/software that you develop properly!

4. Full stack programmers must also ensure that the server and database can run well

His name too jack of all trades, they also intersect with back-ends such as servers and databases. Obviously you have to make sure the server you use is the best to avoid slowness and technical problems!

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5. Optimized cross-platform display

Do you agree that more people use smartphones than laptops? So, this is why a full stack programmer’s job is to make sure your website can be accessed on both devices!

Don’t let your wah display become chaotic and ‘solid’ when opened via a smartphone!

6. Meet the technical needs of users

Another uniqueness of this profession is the demand to determine user needs that need to be added to the app/software. You will also work with user researchers so that your app/software is appropriate when used, friend!

7. Develop a library of code and programming languages ​​that can be used in the future

No one ever knows tomorrow, pal! Who knows your code scrap today turned out to be a gold mine in the future. There is nothing wrong if you create a library of code and programming languages ​​that may or have been applied to your app/software.

Who knows, you can help other programmers or improve performance with the code you have compiled!

Those are 7 full stack programmer tasks that you need to know. That’s a lot, isn’t it? If Uncle Ben in Spiderman said “With great power comes great responsibility”, Jagoan Hosting also agreed that “With great performance comes great return of investment”. Server is not a trivial problem, mate! Only 1 server that you can rely on like VPS X from Jagoan Hosting, you can maximize your performance and profit! Start here now!

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