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“I don’t have a diving license, Sis, why are you going to Wakatobi?”

“Well, how about diving into my heart?” *tsaaah*

Uhm. When you hear the word Wakatobi, what comes to your mind might just dive, dive, and dive.

I also admit that the main attraction in Wakatobi is diving. In addition to being underwater there is indeed very varied, the currents are not too strong and the visibility is extraordinary is indeed the target of tourists divers from all over the world. For those who like numbers, Wakatobi has 3,000 species of fish and 600 species of coral in the world. That is equivalent to 75 percent of the world’s coral reefs. If you want to know about things you can do in Wakatobi, you can see other references Click here.

So, what can we do there besides enjoying turtles and cuttlefish swimming in coral reefs that are colored like candy crush candy?

1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in front of Tomia island

When I was snorkeling not far from the Tomia island pier (Wakatobi is an abbreviation of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko), I was very surprised to see a very healthy coral here. Well, I should just get used to it. His name is also Wakatobi, hehe.

There are also many snorkeling spots everywhere. Just ask the brothers on the ship that took us. So far what I recommend is around Tomia Island and Hoga Island, small islands near kaledupa.

Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera. If you don’t have a loan. Don’t be like me, who just stares at the Wakatobi Marine Park. *cries in the corner*

This is diving, right… photo by indonesia.travel
*slaps* … photo by indonesia.travel

2. Relax on the Beach

For most people, Indonesia is beautiful beaches. Wakatobi is no exception.

Beaches in Patuno
Beaches in Tomia

3. Tracing History

Patua Fort. Photo by vindhya @ibupenyu

Wakatobi Tomia Island is the site of Fort Patua, the outermost fort of the Buton Kingdom. On the island of Binongko, it is said that there are many relics of Captain Pattimura during the Dutch era. I’m not very interested in history, but I’m sure history buffs — especially about the Buton kingdom — would love to come here.

4. Visit the village of the Bajo tribe

Bajo house from afar

They built their house on the sea. Middle of the sea. Not on the island. Those who used to live a nomadic life by boat are now settled.

A visit to Bajo Sampela village in Kaledupa or Tomia Island might be one of the agendas that we can try if we visit Wakatobi. Because Sulawesi is the island with the largest number of Bajo tribes, it’s no wonder the Wakatobi Islands are their home.

Don’t be surprised to see children playing ‘futsal’ on the water hehe.

Good evening from the Bajo village sample
Relax in the afternoon
Bajo tribal children portrait
Go home first

5. Taste Wakatobi Culinary

Kasuami and parende grilled fish

Wakatobi people usually eat Kasuami as a staple food. Kasuami is made from grated cassava or cassava and cooked using a cone mold. Kasuami dough must be completely dry so that kasuami can last up to 14 days. Usually this is for fishing supplies for fishermen.

Kasuami is usually served with parende fish, grilled fish seasoned with star fruit sauce. Parende fish also has a soup version, it’s very refreshing!

There is also Luluta bamboo rice grilled with coconut milk and various kinds of shellfish.

6. See the Butonnese dance art

Mborira dance

There is the eja-eja dance, the Buton tribal war dance which is usually performed by elementary school children. There is also the Mborira dance, a dance that tells of a man who returns from overseas and chooses a wife. (really delicious)

Spell Dance
Mborira dancers

7. Enjoy Wakatobi from Tomia Hill

The top of this tomia hill may have been the seabed. Because many large corals are found on the ground.

But what I need to say here is: You got one of breathtaking landscape view of Tomia.

So, when are you going to Wakatobi?

Tomia Sunset Hill
Tomia Hill
Good night from Wakatobi 🙂

Tips for traveling to Wakatobi

  • Make sure you have a dive license. Later regret and finally make an article like the above.
  • The planes that come here temporarily are only wings air (lion air version of the small ATR aircraft), other than that, you can take the sea route from Kendari — Bau-bau — Wakatobi. But just be prepared for a day and a night on the ship.
  • On islands other than Wangi-wangi electricity only starts from 6 pm to 6 am.
  • Buton and Bajo people are mostly Muslim, so don’t be naked on the beach.

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