7 Tips for Caring for Ornamental Plants During the Rainy Season so They Don’t Get Damaged


The rainy season is the best time to plant because the temperature and humidity are low. The presence of the rainy season can also provide good growth potential for roots.

However, the rainy season does not always provide an advantage, you know Mother. Not a few plants were almost damaged by strong winds accompanied by rain.

Therefore, the thing that needs to be done is to take care of Mother’s beautiful ornamental plants so that they are not damaged when the rainy season comes. How to care for ornamental plants when the rainy season comes?

To help you learn it, here are some tips that you can do to protect your plants from the rainy season, which are summarized from various sources.

1. Prune the plants before the rainy season comes, Mother

Make sure to always prune the plants before the rainy season arrives. As quoted from Country Living, before the rainy season, it is better for you to remove dead shoots and branches from your plants. This needs to be done to reduce the risk of plants breaking due to heavy rains.

2. Move the pot to a safe place, Mom

You also need to move your ornamental plant pots to a place where it might not be exposed to rain. This is very important to do to avoid erosion of the soil in the pot.

Launching from PINKVILLA, Humidity levels will be high during the rainy season, therefore, make sure you move the plants to a place that is safe from heavy rain and also has good ventilation and light.

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3. Check for puddles in your pot

Make sure whether the pot is draining properly or not, you need to make sure the pot drainage system is in good condition. This means that there is no stagnant water, yes, Mother.

If you find stagnant water in the plant pot, take a closer look at the drainage system. If water collects on the plate under the pot, drain it regularly. This needs to be done also to prevent mosquito breeding.

4. Pay attention to the pests in the pot too, Mom

Launching from E Times, plants are susceptible to worms during the rainy season. During that season, the plants will attract lots of insects and worms, all you need to do is get rid of them with your hands.

However, if there are earthworms, it is better to leave them alone, Mother, because earthworms can help in aeration and nitration of the soil.

In addition, you also need to apply pesticides and fungicides once a week to avoid pests and diseases on your plants because they tend to easily attract pests in the rainy season.

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Check out the video tips for caring for calathea below:

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