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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! This time Mimin will share 7 Tips for Successful Job Interviews Via Video Calls that Zone Friends Must Know.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all activities have been carried out from home. Jobs are no exception, even to the point of having to conduct interviews from home. But when doing interviews from home, there are some things that you should pay close attention to. Come on, just take a look at Mimin’s review below!

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Background Must Be Neutral

Neutral background illustration (Photo: Digitalmania)

Today many video calling platforms have the option to add your own background, but that’s a bit odd in an interview setting, unless it’s a neutral, solid color. In most cases it will be annoying as it tends to cause your face or hands to go in and out of the chart.

It’s best to have a fairly simple backdrop in a neat, neutral, and quiet location. Avoid bedrooms whenever possible, and bathrooms without exception!

Don’t Look At Yourself

Illustration of Seeing Yourself (Photo: Brilio)

Many of us can’t help but look at ourselves, but it can be distracting and it can also make you seem detached. On the other hand, if you want to do the equivalent of looking the interviewer in the eye, which means looking directly into the camera lens.

This can feel awkward and unnatural at first, so it’s something you should practice first. It helps if you put a sticker or photo right next to or above the webcam as a reminder.

While the interviewer is talking, it’s okay to watch them on your screen, especially if they’re using any visuals, but try to look in the same general direction as much as possible to simulate that direct relationship that isn’t happening. And get rid of anything that catches your eye.

Try Limit Interruptsi

Illustration of an online interview (Photo: Cantik.tempo)

Everyone faces challenging and unusual circumstances right now, and it’s okay if things don’t go perfectly. Hiring managers understand that you may share space with your spouse, children or pets.

Pay attention to your surroundings and possible disturbances, try to think of all possible scenarios and prepare a backup plan. If something goes wrong, don’t panic or blame yourself. It’s okay to acknowledge and even laugh at the natural challenges of the situation.

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Find Good Lighting

Illustration of good lighting (Photo: Liputan6)

For lighting, avoid light sources directly behind you, as that will cause you to appear in silhouette. Facing a window for indirect natural light is a great option, or you can buy a ring light if you want to pick one up. to the next level.

Position the Camera at Eye Level

Illustration of Positioning the Camera at Eye Level (Photo: Kreasieskrimkita)

One of the most common mistakes people make during video calls is a bad camera position. their camera is too low or they or it looks too dark on the screen. By seeing your face clearly, the interviewer will find it easier to connect and build a relationship. They will understand your personality best when they can clearly see all your facial expressions and gestures.

When it comes to camera positioning, the key is to keep it as close to the eye as possible. I know it’s called a laptop, but it definitely shouldn’t be on your lap during an interview, unless you want them to chat carefully.

Dress up

Illustration Dressed neatly (Photo: Detiknews)

For starters, be fully clothed, including pants and shoes. It’s very important to get in the right mindset for the interview, but even more important to avoid embarrassing accidents. Even if you expect to be seen only from the waist up, things can happen.

When it comes to clothing, what you’re going to wear depends a lot on the industry, although it’s recommended that you lean more formally when in doubt. Things are a little more casual these days, but you don’t want to call in for an interview wearing a concert t-shirt or hooded t-shirt.

Recording Pre-Interview Video

Illustration of recording video (Photo: Laptopnesia)

If you’re worried about stage fright, 76 percent of hiring managers agree that having pre-recorded video content of a candidate is useful. LinkedIn recently launched their Video Cover Story feature, which allows job seekers to upload a short video to their LinkedIn profile and share more about their story, background, and career goals.

This gives you the opportunity to do a few things to make sure you’re happy with the content, and offers another channel to stand out for recruiters.

7 Tips for Successful Job Interviews Via Video Calls that Zone Friends Must Know

Friend Zone, those were the tips for a successful job interview via video call, hope it helps!

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