7 Tips to Find Ideas for Game Programmers!

7 Tips to Find Ideas for Game Programmers!

Finding ideas is not easy! Especially if you are required to create something different and have to hit it! Especially as a game programmer. The name of the game has existed since the time of Ancient Egypt! Want to make or try something completely new? Of course, this is a big challenge for those of you who work as game programmers!

Do not worry! Looking for game ideas can actually be done in various ways that you might not have thought of before! So, so that you don’t die of style, try these 7 tips for finding ideas for game programmers in the style of hosting champion below!

Tips for finding ideas for the first game programmer is to look at your favorite game genre!

Usually, the enthusiasm of game programmers comes when asked to work on a game genre they like!

So you can try introspection, what game do you like? As a good game programmer, it’s time for you to start seeing your favorite games from the side of a game developer!

7 Tips to Find Ideas for Game Programmers!

Who knows, you might see an exciting mechanism that can be applied to your next game!

Determine the market share you want to target

In addition to determining the game you want to make, you also have to determine who your fans of the game will be in the future. One game will suit one group very well, but may not work in another!

If you have chosen the target market share, then you have to be consistent, friend! Don’t let you regret the market share decision you’ve made because the more you focus, the more you will maximize your game development!

Know how to market the game among them, including the type of console that will be used.

As a game programmer, try asking what games most people like

Nobody knows what the best gaming needs are but the gamers themselves! Try asking your favorite game from the market you are aiming for. After that, you can ask what needs to be developed.

If you have this, you can create a game that they will definitely like but make it even better!

It may sound strange, but try to read the newspaper or the news

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Why do game programmers even have to read newspapers or news? Often interesting ideas emerge from stories or experiences in previously unimaginable places?

One of the most popular games in our generation, GTA San Andreas, was created as a form of representation of the violence of black police and gangsters. So you could say GTA San Andreas is a true story, friend!

Just a glimmer of news can create an amazing idea, right? Don’t be lazy to read, OK! Because after all interesting ideas can come from anywhere!

Ask what they DO NOT want to play!

Eits, it’s not just what you like. But you can try asking them what they don’t want to play. Of course, this way you can prevent mistakes made by previous game programmers!

Game programmers and writers are best friends!

If you are confused about the idea, story, or storyline of your game, there’s nothing wrong with asking your writer friends. Are there any story ideas that you can adapt to become a game? What about the characteristics of the characters?

Your writing friends will surely be happy if the stories are made into a game!

Of course, you have to write those ideas down on paper

Nothing will work out if you don’t write those brilliant ideas down on paper. try to brainstorm with fellow game programmers by writing down ideas on small pieces of paper. Then try to install it on a board or spread it on the table so you can see what ideas can be combined. Absorbed!

Those are 7 tips for finding game ideas for you game programmers! Don’t forget, if you have spawned various game works, collect them into a portfolio, in the form of a website, OK! Use the best cloud hosting from Jagoan Hosting to build amazing portfolio websites for your clients! Slow, ready to use, visit our affordable hosting options here!

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