7 Tips to Overcome Mastitis that Makes Mothers Frustrate, You Can Take Ibuprofen


Mastitis can interfere with the baby’s breastfeeding process. In addition to making breast pain, mastitis can also make you feverish, you know.

Many mothers with mastitis experience flu-like symptoms, including pain, chills, and a fever of up to 38 degrees Celsius. In addition, the breasts become swollen and red.

Mastitis is experienced by 10 percent of breastfeeding mothers. But, this infection can also be experienced by every woman who is not even breastfeeding, Mother.

The cause of mastitis is a bacterial infection in the breast. Once these bacteria enter the nipple, they will move up into the milk ducts and cause an infection in that breast tissue. As a result, the breasts can hurt and the milk ducts can become blocked.

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“There’s a lot of bacteria in our bodies. When we’re breastfeeding, sometimes bacteria can get into the tissues and glands of breast milk and cracked nipples,” says Tamika C. Auguste, MD, professor of obstetrics at Georgetown University. Parents.

According to the lactation counselor, FB Monika, mastitis can also occur due to poor emptying of the breasts, causing the milk ducts to become blocked. Mothers who blush exclusively are more likely to develop mastitis.

“It is important to recognize the signs of mastitis because the earlier it is recognized, the easier it is to treat,” says Monika in the Smart Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding Book.

An easily recognizable sign of mastitis is swollen breasts and the milk looks thicker. Mastitis conditions need to be wary of can occur with infection. Signs such as the following:

  • Symptoms of mastitis getting worse
  • Cracks appear in the sore area
  • Mastitis occurs in both breasts
  • No progress even after 24 hours of improved milk flow

Mastitis that can make you feel cold can be overcome, Mother. How to?

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See also 3 reasons why breastfeeding mothers can experience recurrent mastitis, in the following video:

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