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Like traveling? Like to take pictures? Here are some random tips from me for current photography travelingcome on 🙂

1. Approach and recognize the subject

Just imagine that someone you don’t know suddenly takes a picture of us with that super big SLR camera, and then just walks away.

Do we want to be treated like that? Certainly not. Just like with the subject we are going to shoot.

Try to approach slowly and smile, if necessary don’t take the camera out first.

Have a talk. Find stories about him. After he feels comfortable, just take a photo. Look at the difference, the expression will look more natural.

Son of a bracelet seller on Tanjung an beach, lombok. Natural expression can be obtained with good communication. Canon 5d, 28mm 2.8
Bamboo craftsmen in the village of Cikaramat at the foot of Mount Gede. 50mm f/1.8
Ruteng’s smile. Canon 5d , 50mm @ f/2.8

“Forget the long lens, bru. Things only look great up close,” said Kevin Carter in the film The Bang Bang Club.

2. Less is More

Well, innate moment traveling it must have been too much, it even felt like our bag wasn’t big enough.

Want to add another camera?

Nope. Just bring one camera. Batteries can be mandatory a lot.

If you bring a DSLR, my advice is to bring a fixed/prime lens. Because this lens is small, light, and makes our photos better. Even if you can’t zoomlens fixed makes us think to optimize the existing frames.

Me, and the porters :p

Bringing a ‘global sweep’ lens such as 18-200mm or 28-300mm is also not a problem. But according to experience, such a lens is suitable for having fun.

Fixed lenses are still better for ‘serious’ photos (my taste, hehe).

I myself use 28mm and 50mm fix lenses. Only 18-55 or pocket camera? No problem, the best camera is the one you own now 🙂

3. Take photos during ‘Golden hour’

Of course we all know, morning and evening are the best light because the light coming from the side gives good definition to the subject. The color is warm and the intensity is soft.

Ende Beach. The light from the side provides a good play of light and dark. 28mm @ f/11
Morning on Gili Laba. The morning light gives off a warm color.

4. Avoid cliche

Photos that cliche (a cliché) is a photo that has been taken so often by people, that it seems like everyone already has the photo. Of course photos like that would be boring.

Examples are photos of Bromo from Pananjakan, photos of landmarks of a city, sunsets, photos of trees that are alone, and other motifs that we often see. The photos become cliche not without reason. The become cliche because they look good!

The way to avoid this is before traveling to research what objects and what kind of photos have been taken. Avoid ‘postcard’ photos. And when taking photos try to take other angles and shooting techniques.

Around the Bromo sand sea. Nikon D40, 12mm
Borobudur Vesak night. Full moon plus flying lanterns. Speed ​​30 seconds.

5. Don’t forget the details

Sometimes small details go unnoticed. Even though these little things can often be a sweetener in our travel stories.

Komodo on a boat :p
Sade village woven cloth, Lombok.
Mount Rinjani Valley

6. Capture captivating landscapes

This is the kind of photo that we always have in our travels. Whether it’s a seascape, a cityscape; please read the tips for landscape photography here and here. Don’t forget to practice too 🙂

Curug Cikaso, Sukabumi. Canon 5d, 28mm, f/22, 1sec.

7. Always ready with the camera

seek decisive moment. Always carry a camera everywhere, good moments are not just luck. But luck can be obtained if we are always ready.

A monk looking at Borobudur. 50mm 1.8

That’s all for now, later with other tips. Anyone want to share photo tips while traveling? Please comment below 🙂

Thank You!

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