7 Wardah Matte Lipstick Recommendations for Dark Lips

Wardah matte lipstick for dark lips provides a wide range of colors that can be used daily.

For those of you who have dark lips, now you don’t need to feel inferior because you can manipulate them using Wardah lipstick. So that the lipstick used is more durable, it’s a good idea to choose the right product from wardah matte lipstick for dark lips like the following.

If you want to try a light and long-lasting lipstick, Wardah Colorfit Velvet Matte Lip Mousse can be the right choice. With a variety of color shades available, shade You can choose Fuschia Lover to cover your dark lips.

This matte lip has color nude suitable for everyday use or for attending parties. The color will not look pale and definitely this lip matte formula will not dry out the lips.

2. Wardah Colorfit Ultralight Matte Lipstick Shade 08 Wood Brown

For those of you who want to use red lipstick, shade This Wood Brown will suit you and won’t make you look too excited. The red color combined with the brown color of this lipstick is able to cover your dark lips. In addition, the formula also does not make the lips dry, lightweight, and long lasting.

3. Wardah Everyday Cheek and Lip Tint Shade Red Set Glow

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You want to make Korean Make Up Look? One thing you need to prepare is liptint. Wardah itself has a lip tint product that you can use to cover dark lips. Wardah matte lipstick for dark lips is suitable for teenagers. Although the color is predominantly red, when used this lip tint will easily absorb into the lips and make the lips look healthy.

4. Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick Shade Lady Burgundy

Want to try ombre lips? Shades You can use this Lady Burgundy to fill the inside of the lips. The color deep red able to cover your dark lips perfectly. You can also use shade This lipstick is for make-up with great results smooth and durable.

5. Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream Shade 09 Mauve On

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The name of this lipstick is like giving motivation to quickly move on, right?”Shades You can choose Mauve On from the Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream Series for everyday use. Although shade it goes in color nudebut the color is able to cover dark lips with matte finish which does not dry out the lips.

You can also use this Wardah lip cream as a ombre lips. You can use color bold for deep lips that will make you look younger. However, if you want to use it all over your lips it won’t make you look pale.

6. Wardah Instaperfect Mattetitude Matte Stain Lipstick Shade Nouble

From the Instaperfect series, you can try the shade Noble for lipstick matte-his. The color of this lipstick nude and able to cover all dark lips. With color hint orange, you will look fresher when you use this lipstick. In addition, the formula is also very light and does not dry out the lips.

7. Wardah Istaperfect Mattesetter Lip Matte Paint Shade Hype

Lip cream lovers need to try this lip matte from Instaperfect. With color deep redThis lip cream is able to cover dark lips. This lip cream also has a durability of up to 12 hours with a lightweight formula and does not make lips feel dry.

Trying Wardah matte lipstick for dark lips will make you more confident. So that the lipstick you use gives results according to its claims so it’s not just a false promise, it’s a good idea to buy it at a trusted store to avoid fake products.

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