7 Ways to Add Ram to Xiaomi Phones Without Root

Limited RAM memory is one of the causes of slow Xiaomi cellphones. For those who have Xiaomi cellphones with large Ram, it might not be too much of a problem because multitasking performance will still be smooth. But for cellphones with small RAM, we recommend trying how to add RAM to Xiaomi cellphones in the following article.

Ram (Random Access Memory) functions as temporary storage memory to speed up the process of opening applications or games. The greater the RAM capacity available on a smartphone, the better its multitasking capabilities. If only 1GB or 2GB it definitely feels lacking when multitasking a lot of applications.

Gaming capabilities are also reduced if the RAM capacity is small. As a solution is to add Ram using the Swap method. This method works by utilizing storage memory to increase Ram capacity. Maybe you are thinking about adding Ram on a Xiaomi cellphone like a computer or laptop, but this is impossible to do.

Ram on a smartphone cannot be added or replaced manually. The only way is to use the swap method. The method is quite easy, and can be done without root. Now, to find out how to add RAM on a Xiaomi cellphone, please refer to the projektino.com tutorial that we present below.

How to Add Xiaomi Mobile Ram Without Root

To increase Ram on Xiaomi cellphones, you have to use a third-party application. There are many applications that can be used. On average it requires root access. Of course not all Xiaomi cellphone users root their cellphones. Then is it possible to add Ram on Xiaomi cellphones without root?

There is one application that can be used to add Ram on Xiaomi cellphones without root. The application is called Swap. For those who are interested in trying it, please download it for free on the Play Store. This application can run on almost all types of Xiaomi cellphones, especially those using Android 5 and above.

Via MIUI 13 Settings

For MIUI 13 itself, there is already a feature for adding RAM. With this feature, Xiaomi users can easily add RAM by taking the internal memory of a Xiaomi android phone.

But first make sure you are on the latest MIUI 13 or at least 12.5 so you can enjoy this feature. For how, please follow these easy steps.

  • Open the settings app
  • Select the Additional Settings menu
  • Scroll down, select the Additional Memory menu
  • Then please tick the existing icon
  • Wait until the phone restarts
  • Then RAM Xiaomi will automatically increase

So, this method is the easiest way to add RAM without the need for an application by using Miui 13. Please practice it on your Xiaomi cellphone and make sure you are using MIUI 12.5 and above.

Via Application

Swap is an application made by AllaKore LTDA. More than 1 million people have tried the application. The rating obtained is so good that it is proven to be able to add Ram without the need for root access. That’s why we highly recommend this application.

How to use the Swap application is very easy. To find out how, please follow each of the steps that we provide below.

1. Download Swap – No Root

Xiaomi Ram Swap App

The first step you have to do is download the Swap application on Google Play Store. The application can be used for free, but to use it, you must first watch an advertisement so you can get coins. Apart from that, you can also buy coins so you can add a large amount of Ram.

After the application is downloaded, then open the SWAP application that has been installed on the smartphone.

2. Allocate Memory

How to Add Xiaomi Ram

The next step is to allocate internal memory which is used as virtual RAM. Please enter the Swap Size in the column provided. By default it will be filled with 512MB, but you can change it as you wish.

3. Click Create Swap

How to Add Ram on Xiaomi Mobile

Then just click Create Swaps. Then a pop-up will appear that you have to watch ads or buy coins in order to make virtual Ram.

4. Watch Ads

7 Ways to Add Ram to Xiaomi Phones Without Root

Please choose Watch Ad To Earn Coin so you can add Ram for free, without the need to buy coins.

After finishing watching the ad, a pop-up will appear saying that you have managed to get 5 coins. Well, for one time watching an ad will get 5 coins.

7 Ways to Add Ram to Xiaomi Phones Without Root

If you don’t have enough coins to swap, you have to watch the ad again. For those who are lazy to watch advertisements, they can buy coins at a price of Rp. 3000 to get 500 coins.

5. Click Create Swap

7 Ways to Add Ram to Xiaomi Phones Without Root

After getting the coins, then click the Create Swap button again and make sure you have allocated the memory correctly

6. Click Yes

7 Ways to Add Ram to Xiaomi Phones Without Root

Next a pop-up will appear that will create a swap file by taking it from the storage memory. Make sure your storage memory is sufficient. Then click Yes to continue creating a virtual Ram or swap file.

7. Successful File Swap

How to Add Ram Xiaomi

Please wait for the swap creation process to succeed. After success, a notification will appear that says SWAP file is successful. If successful, the Ram on the Xiaomi cellphone will increase.

Even though it is only limited to virtual Ram which is taken from internal memory, there is still a significant difference in performance. We are sure that the performance of Xiaomi cellphones will increase faster and can avoid lag.


The swap method is the only way to increase Ram on Xiaomi cellphones. This method will create virtual Ram which is taken from internal memory. That means the internal memory capacity will be reduced because it will be used as virtual Ram. Make sure you still have a lot of internal memory so it doesn’t interfere with smartphone performance.

Please try the tutorial above so you can add Ram on Xiaomi cellphones without root. The method above can be a solution for those who have problems multitasking with many applications or the smartphone feels slow when playing games. That’s all the information this time, see also the previous article regarding How to Make an Android Phone a Webcam and various other articles.