7 Ways to Fix Failed / Unsold Product Marketing Strategies

No entrepreneur has a perfect marketing strategy. Even if you are experienced as a marketer or entrepreneur.

So, let’s say you already have a marketing strategy that’s mostly “failed.” you are not seeing the results you predicted nor the return on investment (ROI), or suggesting that your marketing strategy is not living up to your expectations.

Here you will learn about anything problems in marketing and their solutions, And how to deal with failed products inan appropriate solution.

what should you do if the product you make doesn’t meet your expectations?. You will find the answers to these questions and the solutions here.

1. Give it more time

Process in Marketing Strategy
Process in Marketing Strategy

You would agree that doing business or marketing takes time. There is no business with instant results, of course everything requires a process to achieve success.

For example, digital marketing strategies such as SEO, search engine optimization processes take a long time to start and the process. If you’re investing in your brand, or if you’re relying on some way to get more customers, don’t be discouraged after just a few weeks of effort.


if you become a marketer and have already placed advertisements or promos, such as PPC ads, you must immediately start working and improve and optimize the strategies you use over time.

If you’re working on a long-term strategy, consider giving more time to developing your promo campaign to engage more customers.


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2. Distinguish it

marketing problems and solutions
Being Creative is the Solution to Marketing Problems

The world of marketing is very competitive, especially in worlds like content marketing and social media. There are thousands of brands vying for the attention of your target audience, so what makes your strategy unique? and how overcome the problems in marketing through social media?

So what should be done in developing a company product that is almost the same as other products and what marketing strategy do you use for this problem? This is where the importance of planning product development.

If you say the same things your competitors are saying, or if your design blends in as background noise, your campaign will falter. Innovate and make improvements by providing something unique that only characterizes your brand. This is how to differentiate from other competing brands of your business.

By being a creative person, you can overcoming failed plans to develop products that are almost the same as competitors.

3. Make a more valuable offer

marketing strategy
Having the Best Offer Becomes a Strategy in Attracting Customers


forms of marketing target some interaction as an end goal, whether it’s buying a product or visiting a website. To respond to that, your customers need something of value in return. Sometimes, it’s an easy-to-reach product. At other times, it can also be a gift.

If you’re not getting enough feedback or results from your campaign, it may be that you need to increase the value of your offer. That could mean offering discounts on your main products and adding more free gifts.

This can be a powerful enough solution in overcoming unsold products that occur. Similar to promos, giving the best offers to customers can be a magnet or a field to attract customers.

4. Retarget to fit your audience

direct impact of failure in marketing
Relevant Target Audience Increase Sales Conversion

One of the problems that arise in carrying out a marketing strategy is how to overcome imperfect markets and information?

To overcome overcoming marketing failures because imperfect market information can be done by conducting research. Run some new research on your target demographic and tailor your message to fit the people you want to reach. So you have to reach the audience with the adjustments you have made.

Targeting a generic audience might seem like a smart choice to get higher returns. After all, you will reach a greater number of people. However, it’s almost always better to target a smaller audience with a more relevant message.

5. Segment (and AB test) strategy

product marketing strategy
AB Test Is Necessary To Find The Best Marketing Solution

How to develop a strategy so that the strategy can be a solution? maybe a question about this marketing strategy arises in your mind.

By utilizing the AB test Marketing strategy, you can find out the direct impact of failure in marketing, that way you can make this a strategy to be able to find solutions to overcome marketing problems that you find when doing the AB test.

Alternatively, you can see better results by grouping your strategies into discrete paths. For example, you can target one audience segment on the primary channel, and another audience segment on the secondary channel.

You can also experiment with different types of messages and media, running AB tests to see which performs better in a controlled environment. This way, you will have more specific data about which components of marketing are working and which are not

6. Try new strategies

Solutions for dealing with failed products
A New Strategy Is Needed In Marketing

If none of these strategies work and you feel your strategy is lacking, try something new. That “something new” it could be the same strategy with an entirely new angle, or a completely new strategy. This doesn’t mean the strategy is pointless, but it does mean you should focus on something else – at least in the short term.

Marketing strategies are rarely a total success or a total failure. Even if you perform well, there will be unattainable factors and your prime opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Even if you perform poorly, you will always have time to work through your mistakes and start over.

Experiment with these different approaches when modifying your existing marketing strategy, and eventually, you’ll be able to shape a strategy that’s more audience-friendly and effective from the start. There’s always something new to learn, and always more ways to get better.

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