7 Ways to Get Money on FD Browser, It’s Simple

How to Earn Money on FD Browser,

Did you already know how to earn money on FD Browser? It is a kind of fulldive application that used to be discussed by many people until now. And now, this app has a lot of positive reviews from people who really understand the world of fulldive.

It is recorded that 600,000 people have downloaded the FD Browser application and then worked on how to get the benefits. And best of all, it doesn’t have to be complicated to make money through this app. You don’t need to top up or deposit first to use it.

You can easily download the FD Browser application for free on the Play Store. After you install, your job is to just collect a lot of dollars.

However, my advice, use a healthy and simple way. In other words, you don’t have to use evil methods. Because, the application will also know later. And chances are, your account will be deleted.

Good. Let’s consider a simple way to earn money from the FD Browser application.

style="text-align: left;">Know what is FD Browser?

As long as I’m looking for information about this application, FD Browser is a kind of browser on mobile that is quite easy for us to use. By using the FD Browser application, it will provide a good experience for your Android phone.

Through this application, the main focus of users is not only to make money, but it can be relied upon to download videos quickly, then can be maximized for adblockers, and can be used to read local news without having to load.

A simple way to make money in this application is that you have to complete the tasks and missions. Say when you successfully complete all missions, you will then get a reward in the form of coins.

coins can be exchanged for digital money in the form of dollars. Of course, the process will have to go through an E-Wallet as the first step.


to my understanding, Fulldive is classified as a web browser application. It is also a virtual or VR technology platform. Now, uniquethe developer of FD Browser has collaborated with GoPay.

That means, payments can be made via GoPay. So you can exchange the coins or points that have been collected via GoPay. If I’m not mistaken, you can also use Dana so that later the balance goes into the Fund.

How to earn money on FD Browser

1. Execute every task provided in FD Browser

The FD Browser has displayed various missions. Registered users or members just need to complete all the available missions.

By completing all the missions, the coins will be collected a lot. That’s where you just cash out according to the coins you receive.

The available missions are not difficult. Just a matter of watching videos, listening to music, and others. So, if you have a lot of free time, occasionally just clear all the missions.

style="text-align: left;">2. Invite your friends to FD Browser app

You will get 2500 points from one person who joins through your referral code. You invite as interesting and unique as possible so that your friends are interested in joining.

To experiment, try to bring your family first. Just download it at first. Then, invite to play too. And if it’s not comfortable, just delete it.

It’s easy, right?

3. Activate promo code in FD Browser

This third way is different from the referral link. You only need once to activate the promo code.

So, maximize this third way carefully and well. So, the use is correct!

4. Linking FD Browser with all your social media accounts

The calculation, using the fourth method, is to get 250 coins when you link your FD Browser account to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Well, it’s the same with promo codes, they are only used once.

This is the newest way from Fulldive. And, I think, interesting!

5. Watch videos on FD Browser

For watching videos in this application, you will receive 50 points. The condition is that the video you play must be up to half an hour.


enough, huh? But, it’s okay to get 50 points. Little by little, it will certainly become a hill.

How’s the video quality? Pretty good. Although, it doesn’t look very interesting for us to watch.

6. Enable features look screen on FD Browser

Using the lockscreen mode feature through this money-making application, you will be given the opportunity to get news updates.

You will be given 100 points for each task on the news.

7. Work on daily rewards on FD Browser

Daily rewards means daily check in.

Well, you will gain a lot of points every day if you continue to do tasks in the daily reward. Total points 50 to 200 points.

Maybe that’s how to get money on FD Browser through 7 ways that I’ve played. Good luck!