7 Ways to Keep iPhone Storage Not Full

Ways to Keep iPhone Storage Not Full

Many iPhone users experience the problem of storage memory being full. This happens because the internal memory has been used up to store photos, videos, applications and games. For those who experience it, there is no need to worry. Please refer to tips on how to keep iPhone storage from being full in the article projectino.com the following.

Apple markets iPhones with different memory capacities, some 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, up to 1TB. But unfortunately all types of iPhone are not equipped with an external memory slot. As a result, all files must be stored in the internal memory which automatically fills up the storage memory quickly.

For those who have an iPhone with a large memory capacity, it may not be too much of a problem. But it’s a different story for those who have an iPhone with a capacity below 64GB, we are 100% sure they will run out of internal memory if they are not good at managing storage memory. Especially for those who like to install games or record videos.

Actually Apple provides a solution to overcome this problem, namely using Cloud storage. iPhone users can take advantage of the iCloud service which is available free of charge to store large photos and videos.

iCloud Storage requires iPhone users to upload files online. Apple provides it for free, but its capacity is limited to only 5GB. If you want more, you have to subscribe to iCloud+ at a not cheap price. Then what about other solutions? Is there anything free?

Tips on how to keep iPhone storage from being full

Ways to Keep iPhone Storage Not Full

1. Preview Remaining Memory

The first step, please first look at the remaining storage memory owned by the iPhone. The trick is to enter the menu Settingsthen select a menu general. After that just open menu iPhone Storage. Then information about the remaining available storage will appear.

Through the Phone Storage menu, we can find out the remaining available memory and the types of files that take up a lot of memory. Apart from that, there are also recommendations for clearing storage memory by deleting video files or other files that are not important.

2. Optimize Photo Storage

As we said above, the iPhone is equipped with an iCloud feature that can be used to store large photos and videos. This feature can be activated automatically when you activate the menu iCloud Photos in section Settingsthen select Photos. Then just activate iCloud Photos.

However, in order to automatically save large photos and videos to iCloud, you must activate the Optimize iPhone Storage setting. In this way, you can optimize your iPhone’s storage memory so it doesn’t fill up quickly because you have too many stored photos and videos.

3. Use Another Cloud Service

Considering that the iCloud capacity provided by Apple is limited to only 5GB and you have to subscribe if you want to get more storage memory, we recommend using a third-party cloud service to store large photos, videos or files.

There are tons of Cloud services available for iPhone like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Photos, etc. Everything can be used for free and on average has more storage memory than iCloud. It’s just that each file must be uploaded manually to the selected cloud service.

4. Delete Game/Application

Memory management is very important, especially for those who have an iPhone with limited storage memory capacity. We recommend deleting apps or games that are rarely used to save storage space. To delete it, you can directly from the App Drawer or through the iPhone Storage menu.

To find out the size of applications or games that are already installed on your iPhone, you can enter the menu Settings > general > iPhoneStorage. After that it will show the size of each installed application and game so you can decide which one to delete.

5. Offload Unused Applications

For those who don’t want to delete applications or games, you can take advantage of the Offload feature. This feature will disable applications that are not used so that no cache is stored. To activate it please enter the menu Settings > general > iPhoneStorage. Then select the desired application, then select Offload App.

6. Remove Videos and Music From Streaming Apps

For those who like to download movies or music from streaming applications such as Netflix and Spotify, the data will automatically be stored in the application and encrypted so that it cannot be opened directly through the gallery. That means we have to delete it through the application so that the iPhone’s storage memory is not full.

How to remove it is quite easy. You only need to enter the menu Settings > general > iPhoneStorage. Then select the desired application. If there is indeed a file downloaded, the details will appear. Now to delete it please press Delete.

7. Clear Browser Cache

Most iPhone users use the Safari browser for browsing, streaming or other needs. The more often it is used, the more cache is stored. We recommend deleting it so that your iPhone’s storage isn’t full and it makes Safari perform faster.

To delete it please enter the menu Settingsthen select Safari. Then press Clear History and Website Data. Those who use other browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. also need to do the same thing. Of course the way to delete it is different, depending on the browser used.


So, those are some tips so that the iPhone storage is not full. In essence, you only need to delete large files or save them to the cloud. After doing so, we guarantee that the memory will be free again so that it can be used to store other files or to install applications and games.

Enough of the projektino.com tutorials on this occasion. Hopefully the information we convey is useful and can be used as a reference. See also other articles about How to see the number of WA contacts on Android and various other recent articles that we will update every day.