7 Ways to Learn Effectively and Efficiently Let’s Listen to the Tips!

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Learning is often associated as a tiring and boring activity. In fact, this tendency generally occurs when learning is done in an inappropriate way. This is where it is important to know how to study effectively. Finding the right strategy for learning will certainly change the atmosphere to be more fun and avoid stress burnout condition.

Especially during a pandemic, boredom and creativity to make learning more interesting are crucial things. So, what are the effective and efficient ways of learning? Come on, see the discussion in the following article.

1. Finding Learning Types and Styles

In general, learning becomes boring because the approach taken is not in accordance with the way a person receives or processes information. Finding the right type of study is the first tip on how to study effectively. This can be done by observing how comfortable you feel when you get new information.

id="viewer-4to32" class="mm8Nw _1j-51 _1atvN _1FoOD _3M0Fe _2WrB- _1atvN public-DraftStyleDefault-block-depth0 fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-text-ltr" style="line-height:1.38">Some people are visual types, so learning something through videos, graphics, pictures, or information with attractive visual representations is their effective way of learning. There are four types of learning styles that are often found in most people, namely:

Auditory Type

id="viewer-5vcie" class="mm8Nw _1j-51 _1atvN _1FoOD _3M0Fe _2WrB- _1atvN public-DraftStyleDefault-block-depth0 fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-text-ltr" style="line-height:1.38">Someone with auditory learning type needs sound as a medium for delivering information. They tend to cultivate new things better by listening. Therefore, some people may be able to understand the explanation simply by listening without directly writing it. Podcasts are an effective and fun way to study for this type of study.

id="viewer-2gs30" class="_3qMKZ _1j-51 _1FoOD _3M0Fe _2WrB- _1atvN public-DraftStyleDefault-block-depth0 fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-text-ltr" style="line-height:1.38">Kinesthetic Type

An effective way of learning for someone with a kinesthetic type is to be directly involved in a real problem. Simply put, they prefer practice to theory. Through movement or direct implementation, the kinesthetic type more easily absorbs the information.

Visual Type

As explained earlier, an effective way of learning for the visual type is to see or observe the object of a material or problem. Videos and pictures are common things that are often used for effective learning. In addition, someone with this type also tends to put a marker on his book, either in the form of scribbles or colored paper.

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This learning style at first glance looks similar to the visual type, but they have different characteristics for their effective way of learning. Usually they prefer to understand information independently by reading and then writing it down.

2. Setting the Target

Some of you may have wondered why you should study. This happens when you do not prepare goals and targets in learning. Setting targets is very useful to help focus. The targets that are made need not be too complex. Understanding a theory is enough to become a target to motivate you to study.

Without a target, you will just spend a lot of time not knowing what to really understand. Through targets, the purpose of a learning activity is clearer. So, when studying you can focus on achieving these targets.

id="viewer-c0hdg" class="mm8Nw _1j-51 _1atvN _1FoOD _3M0Fe _2WrB- _1atvN public-DraftStyleDefault-block-depth0 fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-text-ltr" style="line-height:1.38">In addition, when the target has been achieved, there you can feel an achievement or achievement for achieving the specified target. In this way, you can get an effective and efficient way of studying.

3. Find a Comfortable Place

Convenience is of course also an important factor for effective learning. It is also related to each person’s learning style. If someone has the type of learning to read, being in a crowd will certainly interfere with learning concentration.

In addition, comfort is considered to make you feel more relaxed while studying. Thus, the process of understanding and processing information while studying becomes easier. Therefore, make sure to be where you feel most comfortable before studying.

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4. Set a Break or Pause

Did you know that the time span for humans to fully concentrate is only 30 minutes? Therefore, you do not need to force yourself to study continuously without any pauses. Determining the time span of rest is a mandatory tip for how to study effectively.

Resting doesn’t mean you’re lazy, but it gives your brain a break to rest so it’s ready to refocus. In addition, taking a break in the middle of studying is also one of the effective ways to study during a pandemic. This is important to avoid boredom when learning activities become independent activities at home.

Some experts also suggest learning gradually but regularly rather than studying for 5 hours without stopping. Identifying the right time and providing breaks are effective learning methods that you need to apply.

5. Keep away from all forms of distraction

In a world full of notifications, distractions or distractions while studying are increasing. You may often just look at the phone screen to reply to an email or message. In fact, this will only interfere with your concentration and focus on studying.

Keep in mind, that multitasking is not always a good thing, especially for jobs that require focus. The human brain is basically designed to focus on one thing. Doing several things at one time is considered to reduce focus. In addition, too often multitasking also causes a decrease in a person’s performance in both activities he is doing.

Therefore, when you are trying to focus on studying, try to keep your cell phone or other types of distractions away. Thus, you can learn optimally.

6. Make a Summary

The summary provides an opportunity for you to review your understanding of the material studied. There are many benefits to be gained by compiling a summary after studying. In addition to ensuring understanding, the process of rewriting when making summaries is also an effective strategy to improve memory and understanding.

Here are some other benefits that can be obtained by making a summary:

  • Help compile the main content of the material to facilitate understanding

  • Improve memory of the material that has been studied

  • Easier to understand a text

  • Train creativity and cultivate skills in summarizing

7. Discuss

Having discussions with other people is one way to learn effectively and efficiently. Why? In this way you can share your understanding with others. In addition, this can also be a validation stage to ensure that what has been understood is correct. In addition to increasing understanding, discussion is a way to improve social relations and share knowledge.

In essence, finding the most suitable learning style is the main tips on how to study effectively. If this strategy has been found, then the next thing is to adjust it to create a learning atmosphere so that it is not just an obligation. So, have you found any interesting study tips?

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