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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! This very nice Mimin wants to share a little information, which is about 7 ways to make your friends want to tell the truth.

Telling the truth and what it is is really needed, especially when it comes to your own friends. Because they are the second person after our parents who care and want to give the best advice for our lives. So instead of being curious, let’s read Mimin’s review below.

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Say That He’s Not The Only One Who Has Problems

Illustration of accompanying a sad friend (Photo: Merdeka)

The first thing you have to do is to convince your friends that they’re not the only ones who have problems. Lots of people out there have problems, even bigger ones.

But they never give up and keep trying to solve it. For example, by sharing the problem with those around him and asking for advice about the problem he is experiencing. That will make your friend feel that he was wrong and finally want to tell the truth.

Show Empathy

Illustration of a friend giving empathy (Photo: Kawaibeautyjapan)

Buddy A good friend zone is he who is able to show empathy, that you must do as a friend. Especially if you are a good friend who has known each other for a long time, and knows each other’s background.

Show that the Zone Buddy cares for him, give him attention or something that makes him comfortable and feels cared for. After feeling comfortable and cared for, he will definitely start to talk about the problems he is experiencing.

Don’t Accuse

Illustration of a friend accusing his own friend (Photo: Liputan6)

When Zone Buddy knows that your friend is hiding something and doesn’t want to tell the truth. Try not to immediately accuse, or force him to say something. Because not necessarily what you know is the same as the actual problem.

Giving Time

Illustration of giving time to friends (Photo: Hipwee)

The attitude that Zone Buddy should take is to give him a chance. Give him some time for your friend to be honest with you. But keep positive thinking, why doesn’t he want to tell the truth.

He might actually be telling the truth, but he’s still waiting for the right time and feels ready to tell him everything.

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Ask nicely

Illustration of asking nicely (Photo: Popbela)

If your Zone Buddy still doesn’t want to tell the truth, try to directly ask about the problems they are experiencing in a friendly manner. Instead of being curious or even looking for your friends’ information, it’s better to confirm it directly.


Illustration of a friend reminding his friend (Photo: Educenter)

When a friend of Zone Buddy makes a mistake as much as possible to reprimand him, because like a friend is to remind each other. Also must be willing to listen to advice from friends.

So there is nothing wrong with reminding each other to your friends that telling lies or hiding something is not good. With a note that Zone Buddy must remind him carefully, he will slowly accept it.

Forgive or Do It

Illustration of forgiving friends’ mistakes (Photo: Kumparan)

The final decision remains with the Zone Buddy himself. If your friend is willing to listen to advice and change, it never hurts to forgive. But if your friend gives a bad response.

Buddy Zone also has the right to let it go, although there really isn’t a problem that can’t be solved. However, by releasing it your heart feels at ease, then it’s fine to do so

7 Ways to Make Your Friends Tell the Truth

Friend Zone, those were some ways to make your friends tell the truth. Hopefully useful for all of us. Mimin says goodbye first, please don’t miss it.

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