7 Ways to Overcome 404 Not Found on Android

How to Overcome 404 Not Found on Android

How to Overcome 404 Not Found on the right Android phone? Maybe this question will often arise for those of you who often use browsers on Android phones and experience the same thing.

There are several reasons why the browser on an Android phone pops up 404 no found. But when we need the page because of certain access, of course it will be annoying if a 404 not Found appears in the browser.

Actually, the 404 not found that appears in the browser itself is mostly caused by the site. But there are also other things that make these pop ups appear, such as interference and limitations on our Android phones.

There are several steps that need to be known when you are an Android user encountering Pop Up not found which occurs repeatedly. The examination can start with the settings on the browser or on your own Android phone.

Well, this time Projectino will provide some tips regarding Overcoming 404 Not Found on Android that must be known. Where Android users must know when the solution is to solve the problem when your cellphone is found to be showing unknown pop ups.

How to Overcome 404 Not Found on AndroidThere are several things that make cellphones and browsers display the 404 not found code. If this is an error from an Android cellphone because of a setting, the user must quickly fix it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Also know that the 404 not found code used also has its own meaning. Where the first 4 codes mean an error from the user, while the last 04 means indicating an absence or known as an absence or error.

1. Restart the HP

Even though it is considered a classic, the first most effective way to deal with cellphones that appear 404 Not Found is to Restart. Please restart your android phone if you find that the browser displays 404 not found.

You can restart this to refresh the cellphone settings. By restarting it is also expected to be able to eliminate the various BUGs that appear on your Android cellphone.

So the first step is to restart the Android cellphone by pressing the power button until the restart icon appears. Or you can also use another way to Restart, according to the type and brand of your Android cellphone.

2. Check the URL used

As projektino has said before, if the 404 Not Found code itself can mean an error on the site we are going to. So please check again the site we want to go to make sure it’s correct.

You can check using another cellphone or PC to ensure that the page can be accessed. This step can be an interesting option for those of you who haven’t found a 404 not found solution in the browser yet.

3. Use Google Chrome

The next step is to check the browser you are using on your Android phone. If you haven’t used Google Chrome, please check again and make sure you are using Google Chrome as the default browser on your cellphone.

Even though it’s relatively simple, this method is very effective because Google Chrome itself is the best browser for Android phones. As we know, the default mobile browser sometimes has poor quality.

4. Clear Android Cache

Excessive cache can also cause a BUG on the Android browser on your Android phone. You please delete the cache on the browser that you have to overcome this.

Deleting cache and history on your tablet’s browser might help fix the 404 not found error. To Clear Android Cache itself is almost the same on every cellphone, both using the cellphone features themselves and additional applications.

5. Use a VPN

The next step that needs to be tried is to use a VPN. Please use the VPN APPLICATION if really needed, sometimes sites cannot be accessed because they are blocked in certain regions.

You can try using a VPN and then select a country or region other than Indonesia. Make sure to use the Best VPN to be able to easily access all the links you want.

6. Change Settings

What is worth trying next is to change the browser settings on your Android. You can try setting it up on an Android phone, and the method itself is almost the same for each type of Android.

  1. Please enter the menu Settings/Settings.
  2. Continue selecting Wireless and Networks.
  3. After that select the menu Mobile Networks.
  4. Resume again by logging into Access Point Names (APN)
  5. Please select the APN according to the provider being used.
  6. Please select a menu Proxies in the APNs menu
  7. continue with clear Proxies the.
  8. If it is already Save APNs.
  9. Please Restart HP
  10. Done

7. Restart Wi-Fi

Another strong obstacle is the problem with the WiFi that you are using, please restart it if it is needed. You can restart Wifi if you are using a Wifi network.

Problems like this are fairly simple but can also be quite useful. Well, you can try this step also using a Wifi internet connection.


So that’s the way to fix 404 not found on Android that you can choose. Where you can do all of the above methods easily without the need to use additional access.

The method above is clearly a way that is guaranteed to work and be overcome easily and quickly. See also reviews about “How to temporarily deactivate IG” on a previous review from Projektino.