7 Ways to Restore WA Backup on Android

How to Restore WA Backup

How to Restore WA Backup can be done on an Android phone. Where Whatsapp certainly backs up user messages every time. This automatic backup option is made to make it easier for users to switch devices.

So those of you who change devices or devices by installing the WA application again can restore the WA backup. To restore this WA backup, it can be done easily with the features provided by WhatsApp.

Those of you who use the WhatsApp application, of course, have found that the WhatsApp application performs chat backups. So, at this moment the application is backing up all the chats in the message.

For those of you who change devices or smartphone devices, of course, restoring the backup will make the chat return. All messages will be restored according to the information backed up.

As well as How to See the Number of Whatsapp Contacts You can do it with existing features. So, you can restore WhatsApp backups using the built-in features that are already in the application.

How to Restore WA BackupIf you have messages on WhatsApp and they accidentally delete them, you can restore them by restoring the WhatsApp backup. Restoring your own WhatsApp backup is very easy because there are already features that you can use.

You Android phone users can restore it using several existing methods. Well, here’s what Projectino.com there will be various things about how to restore the correct WA backup.

Restore Backup Via Google Drive

How to Restore WA Backup on AndroidWhatsapp backup can use Google Drive as well as use the internal storage on the phone. Well most of us prefer to backup using the Google drive app.

To open this backup is very easy because it can be accessed at the start when you are going to log in to the WhatsApp application. So you only need to enter the WhatsApp application on the new device then enter backup.

  1. Install and Open WhatsApp application
  2. Open the WhatsApp application and verify your number
  3. Tap Restore when asked to restore the whsatapp backup
  4. Select Continue later Your chat will be displayed after the initialization process is complete.
  5. Later the recovery process will take some time
  6. Wait until the process is complete
  7. If so, all messages will return to the WhatsApp application

So, you can easily do this process yourself when reinstalling WhatsApp on a new device. Make sure you wait for the backup restore process carried out by the WhatsApp application. The bigger the chat, the bigger the backup that must be restored.

Perform Whtsapp Backup

Restore WA BackupBefore changing to a new device, first make sure all chats on your cellphone are backed up. So you can check it in the WhatsApp application section to check whether the WhatsApp application has backed up or not.

Don’t uninstall, but the WhatsApp application hasn’t been backed up or backed up. If not, you can back up yourself before changing devices in this way.

  1. Open whatsapp application
  2. Then click More options with the three dots on the right corner
  3. Then click the settings menu
  4. Proceed to the chat menu
  5. You can continue selecting the Chat menu
  6. Select a google account to back up the chats
  7. Tap Backup, and wait for the backup process to end

After all the backup processes have ended, then you can uninstall the WhatsApp application. If so, then go to the next process, so you can uninstall the WhatsApp application on your old smartphone device to a new device again.


So there you have it in few easy steps for How to Restore WA Backup on Android Phone. Where you can do all these steps the same on any Android device.

So, with this method, it is hoped that you can restore WhatsApp messages that have changed cellphones. Hopefully the information this time is useful, you know too How to Watch Live IG Without Comments on Android on the previous review.