8 Cool Bloggers Who Go on an Adventure Together at Borneo Wild Adventure

SEVEN Terios cars that are currently driving in the jungles of Kalimantan carry exactly 28 people. Eight of them are cool travel bloggers that you should read their respective blogs on. Currently they are live blogging on the way Terios 7 Wonders Borneo Wild Adventure. Want to read the story? Let’s see them on their respective blogs!

1. Sefin — senimoktika.com

Mb Sefin

“I used to be skinny mz,” he said, showing a photo of his past, the days a few kilograms ago that are only memories.

This cute line-eyed girl from Palembang has won the Terios 7 Wonders blog competition. Sefin is currently exploring Borneo with me and 25 other handsome uncles.

But make no mistake, behind his (pretending) innocent face, this slang boy from Summarecon Mall Serpong is a brave traveler. He had volunteered to teach English on Misool Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Raja Ampat, for months.

What? Oh, sorry. For those of you who are single, I’m sure you’re saying that you’re currently doing it taken. he said.

2. Calamari — cumilebay.com

Mas squid bloher pemes son of the regent of gresik

This arrogant, conceited, super lazy, and adorable blogger *vomits* always makes the Terios team’s journey cheerful — because he always offers himself to be the subject of mutual bullying. Thank you mas, uh mak cum.

“I write a blog post for at least 5 minutes, loch,”

“Ah, really? Boong ah”

“Yes, but coloring the writing and making hestek doesn’t matter, it takes 2 full moons, really.”


Even though she looks like a sex offender, this mak cumi is the person who fasts the most and reminds me to worship. Subhan Allah once yes.

*throws a stick*

3. Harris — harrismaul.com

Harris Maul

The photo of Mas Harris as above is a photo of his daily behavior. Take a selfie with a cellphone the size of a piece of meat. Mas Harris, Mas cumi, and Mas Barry are the most senior (age) bloggers.

Mas Harris is the best when it comes to blogging competitions. Until Blio created a blog dedicated to participating in the competition. He even has a published book on how to win the competition! Crazy you ndro haha.

Looks like I’ll be copying it soon lol.

4. Barry — alamkultur.com


These pot-bellied uncles like to take photos using drones. Usually, I take pictures of those who are bathing in the river.

Because his job is a travel photographer, it seems that Blio rarely comes home. Maybe one day, when he comes home, his son will say, “Om who?”


Uncle Barry has an enviable principle: “One step out of the house, I’m single again,” he said with a flirtatious look.

Worth emulating.

*slaps wife* *slaps patjar*

5. Vira — indohoy.com

Mb Vira, half of Indohoy likes to sketch when traveling, this is my partner in the #travelnblog workshop

Indohoy blog has two female retainers in carrying out their daily duties. Vira’s couple, Mumun, who looking for arjuna It turns out that he had joined the Terios trip from Jakarta to Komodo in 2013.

If I like taking pictures with a camera, mb Vira prefers to sketch. He always carries a blank book without lines to capture places he finds interesting with a pencil.

While in the middle of the forest watching orangutans, mb Vira looks busy drawing orangutans. Unfortunately, the results are more like cumilebay.

6. Bobby — virustraveling.com

Hold your stomach, ok?

Mz Bobby also won this competition held by Daihatsu. Just like Sefin and Vira. One day, it turned out that before this, Mz Bobby and Sefin had met in a town on the island next to Borneo. In Makassar, it turns out that Bobby accidentally met Sefin and had time to travel together.

Turns out, they both won. The journey on the island of sulawesi continued with a trip in Kalimantan with the Terios 7 wonders team.

Travel does sometimes lead to unexpected things, right? Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet.

Then it’s up to you :’)

*clenched by Sefin’s girlfriend*

7. Fahmi — catperku.com

Mz Fahmi

“Don’t worry, Ms. Put, as long as we are there, your mas won’t be different,” said the squid.

In order to join Terios to Sulawesi last year, Blio, who had only been married for a few days, was willing to sacrifice his honeymoon with Ms. Put and instead went for a walk with Mr. Squid. They are roommates.

This year, Mas Fahmi also joined Terios around Sulawesi. Maybe mb Put is waiting anxiously at home. He appears to be holding a knife.

8. Wira — ipadguides.com

How about just going to the about me page?

Thank you and greetings adventurous friends!

This Terios 7 Wonders Expedition is a media journey with Daihatsu. All opinions are personal property. See other posts below.

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