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Randomly ask your friends who like traveling, which country did they go to when they went abroad for the first time? The answer must be mostly Singapore!

Apart from being geographically close, the culture is not too far apart so it is suitable for novice traveler.

It’s the first time he’s been abroad, there must be a little tacky feeling, hihi!

So, what do you and I as Indonesians do when we go to Singapore, or go abroad for the first time? And what are some tips you can do there to make your vacation in Singapore more fun?

Let’s listen to it while drinking coffee, don’t be so serious! :))

1. Merlion & Universal studio front photo!

Just take a photo in front of it, don’t you come in? Expensive.

“Finally, I’m in Merlionnnnn gaesss!” you shouted in your heart. While being watched by other people, who are waiting in line and will soon be doing the same thing as you.

Another must-see photo spot is Universal studios. Even if you don’t enter, the main thing is to take a photo in front of the globe with the swirling writing on it. While

Not yet mabrur visit Singapore if you haven’t taken photos of those two places!


Tips: If you want to come here, you can just walk from Vivo City Mall via Sentosa Broadway walk. Only pay 1 SGD to go to Sentosa through here. Early in the morning, before the queue of photos here is snaking :))

2. OMG the tap water is drinkable!

Drinking water taps at Changi

The price of mineral water in Singapore is insane!

And strangely, the price of 330ml mineral water is more expensive than 600 ml. It’s fixed drinking tap water. Can you say backpacker!

Tip: bring an empty bottle in the bag you bring to the cabin so you can fill it directly at Changi airport.

3. Wow, you can walk everywhere!

Way to be skinny mz!

Singapore does have comfortable sidewalks. Suitable for walking everywhere, especially for funny afternoon jogging around Marina bay.

Not long after: “Let’s just take a taxi, it’s hot!”

Tips: Don’t forget to bring a hat, Singapore is just as hot as Jakarta! I don’t know why many Indonesians wear full clothes like winter. Just walking for 3 days can lose weight 🙂

4. Happy (or even embarrassed) to meet other Indonesians.

If you meet this person, just throw it in the pool

One afternoon in front of the Orchad Road one-dollar ice cream parlor.

Indonesian: “Eh, you’re not a Bekasi, are you? Are you traveling in Singapore? HA HA HA”

Me: Mmmmm. Sorry, what did you say? (put on a stupid face)

Indonesian: “Huh, really? Sorry-sorry…”

Me: *runs away*

5. Immediately exit the airport and head to Orchard Road for shopping.

I’m tired guys..

For some Indonesians, Singapore = Shopping.

Yes, straight out of the airport to the city for shopping is fine. The money is there, hihi. But it’s a shame because at Changi — the airport that was once the World’s best airport according to Skytrax — there are so many attractions that we can visit. So don’t leave the airport first when you arrive

In Changi, you can watch free movies, massages, free tours around Singapore, interesting gardens, funny sleeps in the snooze lounge, and much more.

6. When will Indonesia have an MRT like Singapore?

The question that must have been asked when you first got on the subway, which was running very fast. But yes, it’s really good that the MRT reaches almost all sides of Singapore. There are also smaller LRT trains for residential areas.

Let’s pray that MRT Jakarta will finish quickly!

Tips: You can buy a 3-day Singapore Tourist pass for SGD20 to ride the MRT and Bus as much as you want if you want to go around Singapore!

7. Stealing crossing carelessly

Singapore Street

Miraculously, Indonesian people who are still in Singapore obey the rules. The queue is orderly, throw the trash in its place, walk on the left.

Maybe if in Indonesia the rules are strict and the sanctions are firm, Indonesia can also be neat and orderly, right?

But what if no one sees it. Just goooooooooooooooood hahaha!

8. Become an impromptu environmental expert.

Sentosa Broadway walk, bridge to sentosa island.

“Indonesia should be like Singapore. Clean, orderly, neat, blah blah blah….”

“Indonesia should be like this… like Singapore.”

“Indonesia should be… blah blah blah…”

*sprays smoke mist*


Thank you!

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