8 Modern Kebaya Dress Models for Parties

When you want to attend a wedding or graduation party, usually you will try to find kebaya inspiration. One of them is the inspiration for modern kebaya dress models for parties. Want to know what the model looks like? Check out this article right now, OK!

As a socialite, looking for a modern kebaya for a party can be mandatory. If you want to look fashionable and modern but don’t want the same model, you’re in the right place!

Although initially the kebaya was only worn by aristocrats and the royal family, now the kebaya can be worn by anyone. The elegant and attractive kebaya model makes it very popular with women.

For those of you who need some examples of modern kebaya dress models for parties, now you don’t have to worry anymore. Here are some examples of modern kebaya dresses for parties that you can use as inspiration!

1. Modern Batik Combination Kebaya Model

Batik combination kebaya (Instagram – fadilarizky)

The first modern kebaya is a modern kebaya combination with batik. This model is perfect for formal events such as weddings or graduations.

Even though you use a combination of batik kebaya, it doesn’t mean that your modern impression will disappear and leave a traditional look. What is there is a mix and match that will show a modern and traditional impression and will make your appearance look trendy, fashionable, and elegant.

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2.Model of Brocade Combination Kebaya

Brocade combination kebaya (Instagram – vivindamayantii)

The next choice of party kebaya on the modern kebaya dress model for the latest party is to combine modern kebaya clothes with brocade. Models like this are actually included in the most popular kebaya models.

Usually, this type of brocade combination kebaya model has a simple and fashionable but does not eliminate the value of luxury. Therefore it is very suitable for use by teenage girls to adults.

3. The Satin Combination Kebaya Model

Satin combination kebaya (Instagram – indry25)

This modern kebaya dress model for a party will be perfect for those of you who want to look elegant, a little glamor, but still comfortable to wear. This is because the satin combination kebaya model will usually be dress satin overalls with brocade kebaya accents on the outside.

This modern kebaya dress for a party with a satin combination will give the impression that the wearer looks elegant and charming. Especially with the characteristic shiny, smooth, and soft satin fabric, the elegant, luxurious, and elegant impression will automatically appear even without you trying too hard.

4. Simple and Elegant Kebaya Model

Simple and elegant kebaya (Instagram – dariqueputrys)

Modern kebaya clothes for the next party are kebaya models simple and elegant. This model is much-loved by young people who don’t want to look complicated but still look elegant, even though this one model won’t look very glamor as well as using a satin combination.

The accessories used are quite few and simple. However, even though the model simple, modern kebaya clothes for this one party can still look trendy and modern. So it is very suitable for use in formal events such as weddings or graduations.

5. Kebaya Dress Model

Kebaya dress (Instagram – moniquecil)

For kebaya dress models, usually initially only used for the bride. This is because modern kebaya clothes for this one party will really look glamor and luxury. Especially with the accent of her dress that looks blooming like a princess.

Over time, this kebaya dress model can also be used by women who want to attend formal events. Even so, usually the kebaya dress design will be simpler and simple than the kebaya wedding dress.

6. Kutubaru Kebaya Model

Kutubaru kebaya (Instagram – faturachmidila)

Modern kebaya clothes for the next party that you can wear are the new kutu model. This one model is indeed undying in popularity compared to other models.

Usually, the Kutubaru kebaya model has a very wide variety of colors, ranging from pastel colors, neutral colors like black and white, and even bold colors like green and pink. And usually the top part of this kubaya kebaya is long to the hips.

This modern kebaya dress model for a party is perfect for those of you who have a slightly bulky body posture and are not too tall. Then to perfect your appearance, you can use high heels whose color matches the color of the boss you are wearing.

7. Model Kebaya Short Twisted Skirt

Kebaya short wrapped skirt (Instagram – ilaalala)

For you young people who are full of energy and dare to look minimalist, the kebaya with a twist skirt seems suitable for you to use. Without reducing the elegant impression that is raised by the kebaya you wear, you can still move easily because you use short subordinates.

To create a simple impression, you can use a traditional top kebaya blend. So when combined with a short skirt that is wrapped around it will make you look cooler, elegant, and also classic.

8. Modern Muslim Kebaya Model

Muslim modern kebaya (Instagram – rosabhal)

For those of you who are veiled, now you don’t need to be disappointed looking for a modern kebaya dress model for a party. Because there are also modern Muslim kebaya models that you can wear for formal events such as weddings or graduations.

By using the hijab, you can still display the modernity of the kebaya you wear. So that in the end you will still look beautiful, Islamic, and trendy.

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Look Fashionable with Modern Kebaya

Those are 8 models of modern kebaya clothes for parties that you can use as options and inspiration when attending formal events such as weddings or graduations. You can imitate which modern kebaya suits the model you want.

But don’t forget to also pay attention to accessories, colors, mix and match tops with subordinates, sizes, and types of shoes high heels that you wear. Because that one set is all that will support your appearance so that it looks fashionable and satisfying.

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