8 Most Common Causes of Failed Psychological Tests

8 Most Common Causes of Failed Psychological Tests
8 Most Common Causes of Failed Psychological Tests

Psychotest is a test conducted to determine the characteristics of a person from the psychological side.

Psychological tests are often carried out as one of the tests that prospective students must pass before entering university or when applying for jobs.

The psychological tests given are quite diverse, ranging from drawing tests, newspaper or pauli tests, wartegg tests and so on.

Psychological tests are increasingly being relied upon as a tool to determine a person’s performance in the future which is quite accurate. From the results of this psychological test a person can be said to be worthy or not more objectively.

For companies, organizations, and institutions, psychological tests are a fairly reliable tool in recruitment and provide the needed solutions.

But for applicants or applicants who have to pass psychological tests, this is a specter that is very disturbing, difficult, and makes some feel frustrated.

Maybe you are one of the people who have felt the disappointment of failing in the psychological test so find out the causes and ways to overcome failure in the psychological test.

Knowing the cause of errors in the psychological test is very important for self-evaluation so that later the chances of passing are greater.

Knowing the common mistakes made by others also provides a broader picture of the risk of errors that may occur.

Here are the 10 most common causes of failing psychological tests:

1. Don’t Study the Trick Book Passing Psychotest

To be able to enter the company you dream of, of course there must be capital that must be paid in the form of time, effort, and money to buy a trick book to pass the psychological test and study it.

If you have studied it then you are one step ahead of other candidates so the chances of being accepted are greater.

In big shops, there are usually books on tricks to pass the psychological test that have hundreds of practice questions and quick ways to answer the questions.

Studying the psychological test book does not mean to outsmart the psychological test results so that there is a greater chance of being accepted.

Outsmarting means answering dishonestly what your basic tendencies are.

Studying the psychological test pass trick book is to make it easier for you to answer the psychological test questions later.

Please remember that psychological test questions are not the same as exam questions where there are right and wrong answers.

2. Having the Wrong Mindset

When we want to work in the company we aspire to, people often only focus on studying psychological tests and get stuck to filling them out perfectly.

Whereas the essence of the psychological test is to find out a person’s personality.

So the correct paradigm is to improve the mindset and personality first because from the mindset comes the answer.

By improving the mindset, we will become better and the choices we choose in the questions will be better.

For example, if someone is often suspicious of other people, that person will find it difficult to cooperate and integrate with others.

People like this will be less likely to be accepted in the company than those who have the opposite nature.

So by changing the mindset, our personality and behavior will change and over time the psychological test answers will get better.

3. Didn’t come on time

There are many things that can happen if someone arrives at the wrong time, starting with crossing out the applicant’s name without an interview.

Or if allowed to take psychological tests, it will not be conducive and have little time.

Arriving not on time is one of the causes of failing the psychological test and this is a fairly factual error.

Arriving not on time directly reflects self that is not disciplined, does not respect time, likes to procrastinate, and does not respect the rules.

Although there are many reasons that can be given, a bad impression will immediately appear.

Therefore, you should come to the psychological test 30 minutes to 1 hour before the psychological test is carried out.

4. Experiencing psychosis

This is very often the case for psychological test participants where suddenly certain diseases appear when the psychological test deadline is getting closer or while working on a psychological test.

This is called psychosis which occurs when the body becomes panicked, anxious, stressed and afraid.

This is very disturbing when psychological tests are carried out because they have to endure pain. Pain that can appear include dizziness, stomach pain, frequent trips to the bathroom, and dizziness.

So that this does not happen when the psychological test is carried out, try to relax, breathe deeply, think positive things and take pain relievers that do not cause drowsiness.

5. Get enough rest

Sometimes people who want to take the psychological test often spend the night studying and the effect can actually be disturbing the next day when the psychological test is carried out. Drowsiness during exams can put you at risk of failing the psychological test.

Drowsiness causes a lack of concentration and this greatly affects the results of the psychological test later. Drowsiness will cause the brain’s ability to decline.

6. No breakfast

Although simple, it is important to have breakfast before the test and contribute to the success of the psychological test.

Psychotest requires a lot of energy to do it and without breakfast, the body will lack energy, including energy for the brain.

The brain that does not get nutritional intake will not be able to think properly so that it can cause the analysis and understanding of the problem to be wrong.

Hunger also makes the brain continue to imagine food. Hunger also makes the body tired quickly.

7. Only work on difficult questions

One way to do the psychological test is to do the easy questions first. Doing the difficult questions first will only result in wasted so much time.

Psychotest does not provide a lot of time so every minute is very valuable.

If the question is difficult to answer or understand, immediately move on to another question. That way, less time is spent on each difficult question.

What is dangerous is the time has run out when the easy questions have not been filled. Of course it is very unfortunate.

8. Not answering consistently

As previously explained, psychological tests are tests used to identify a person’s psychological condition.

When someone answers it dishonestly, it can be seen from the inconsistent answers.

Some questions require someone to be consistent in answering questions. The type of test that requires answering the test is the EPPS.

Although the question looks very simple compared to other questions, don’t underestimate it.

The questions consist of 15 questions and many questions are repeated to measure the validity of the answers. If someone answers inconsistently with a score below 10, then he has failed in this test.

Read each question carefully and answer honestly.


The above are the most common causes of psychological test failure. By knowing the above, you can be more alert so that the events described above do not occur.

If you successfully anticipate the causes of psychological test failure, the chances of success will be much greater.