8 Pros and Cons of Realme C30: Price & Specifications

Pros and Cons of Realme C30

Realme has many types of cheap cellphones. One of the newest is the Realme C30. This cellphone is priced at only 1 million by offering powerful Octa Core specifications accompanied by a large battery and AI technology camera. Now for those who are curious to know the specifications, please refer to the review projectino.com regarding the following advantages and disadvantages of the Realme C30.

Actually, in terms of specifications, it is quite standard, but it is worth the price. The C30 Realm is marketed to fill the entry-level segment, against cheap smartphones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and various other rivals who compete in the 1 million price range.

Even though it’s cheap, that doesn’t mean that the Realme C30 is cheap. This phone offers a stylish design with an ultra-thin body. Its thickness is only 8.5 mm with a vertical stripe design wrapped in Lake Blue, Demin Black and Bamboo Green colors. There are three color options available. You just choose according to taste.

Stylish design is one of the main advantages of Realme C30. On the other hand, this smartphone also has advantages in terms of performance, being able to produce AnTuTu scores of up to 210 thousand. So what about the drawbacks?

Pros and Cons of Realme C30

Pros and Cons of Realme C30

1. Big Screen

As a million cellphone, the Realme C30 offers a fairly large screen. The screen is 6.5 inches wide with an IPS panel that displays an image resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. The resolution is standard and uses a mediocre panel. But these shortcomings are very understandable, considering the price is only one million.

2. Ultra Thin Design

Wrapping an elegant design with vertical lines on the rear body is one of the advantages of the Realme C30. The body is also very thin, which is 8.5 mm. While the dimensions are 164.1 mm in length, 75.6 mm in width and 8.5 mm in thickness. Then it weighs 182 grams which makes it comfortable to operate.

3. Powered by Unisoc Processor

It’s not Mediatek or Qualcomm that are used as the kitchen runway for the Realme C30, but the Unisoc Tiger T612 processor with Octa-core speed (2 × 1.8 GHz Cortex-A75 & 6 × 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55) and accompanied by the Mali-G57 GPU. The performance is fairly decent and can compete against chipsets in its class.

Evidenced by the AnTuTu score, which reached 210 thousand points, making the performance of the Realme C30 reliable for multitasking various applications and running light games. Apart from that, there is also 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

4. Adopt Realme UI Go

8 Pros and Cons of Realme C30: Price & Specifications

Well, the available RAM capacity is very small. But we guarantee the performance is quite smooth. Because this phone uses the Realme UI Go operating system based on Android 11 which is optimized for smartphones with small RAM.

Realme C30 also has a MicroSD slot which is made separately from the SIM card. That means you can use two numbers + MicroSD simultaneously. However, the internet connection only supports 4G and there are already Wi-Fi, Bluetooth V5.0, GPS (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO) features.

4. Still Using MicroUSB

8 Pros and Cons of Realme C30: Price & Specifications

There is one drawback in the connectivity sector which is quite disappointing, namely still using a MicroUSB 2.0 port. This cellphone should use USB Type-C, which is a mandatory standard for today’s smartphones.

5. No Fingerprint

Another drawback is that it doesn’t have a Fingerprint Sensor. Even though this feature is very important because it can maintain maximum smartphone security.

6. 5,000 mAh battery

To cover the deficiencies above, Realme provides a battery with a very large capacity, which is 5,000 mAh. With a larger battery capacity, the battery life becomes very durable. As a result you don’t have to worry about running out of battery when playing games, watching movies, or other activities.

7. Low Camera Resolution

Camera Realme C30

Unfortunately there is no Fast Charging feature that can help increase battery charging speed. Then for the photography sector there is only one rear camera available. The resolution is very small, namely 8 Megapixel. The camera is equipped with AI technology and HDR Mode to improve the quality of photos and videos.

In terms of quality, it is definitely very standard, according to the resolution. Then to the front is attached a 5 Megapixel resolution lens. The front camera can only record HD videos. As for the rear camera, it can record Full HD [email protected] videos.

8. Price for Realme C30

Price for Realme C30

With all the advantages and disadvantages of the Realme C30 above, this smartphone is priced at Rp. 1,499,000. The price is cheap so it can be an alternative for those looking for a million Android phones. But keep in mind, this smartphone has some drawbacks that some people might find unsatisfactory.

Realme C30 is more suitable for those who are looking for a smartphone for standard mobility. For those looking for an Android phone to play games, we recommend buying one Realme GT Neo 3T which has far more powerful specifications. It’s just that the price is much more expensive than the price of the Realme C30, which is only a million.


Realme C30 does have various advantages and disadvantages. What is certain is that this smartphone is only suitable for standard use. If you want to play heavy games, we recommend choosing another type. Likewise with photography, which is only equipped with one front and rear camera, which incidentally has minimal resolution.

Behind all the shortcomings of the Realme C30, this smartphone offers advantages in terms of battery power. Because there is a battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh which unfortunately has not been optimized by the Fast Charging feature and the USB Type-C port.

Please decide for yourself whether this smartphone is worth buying or not. Enough of the review of the advantages and disadvantages of the Realme C30. Hopefully the information above is useful and can be used as a reference before buying a million Android phones from Realme. See also other articles about How to Download Applications on a Laptop Via Playstore and various articles about the world of gadgets and technology in Indonesia.