8 Sites Providing Free Stock Images and Video Footage Downloads on the Internet

Image is a universal and visual language known to humans before knowing what writing was.

Picture Functions in the Modern Era

In this modern era, of course the use of images has developed, yes, from the way of making it, friends also develop, as for some of the functions of images, including
1. Recording Objectthis can be called an image in the form of a photo, it can also be an illustration or vector or raster image about an object, so photography is also included here… documenting an object at a certain time, so that it can be viewed at a later time.
2. Expression Media so this is more about art or art, it could be painting or illustration art. So it really can represent an expression
3. Communicating Ideasthis is more of a presentation media, mate, so it can be explained again, for example to communicate a new product or presentation about an idea.
4. DocumentationWell, if you could say it’s more about photography, it has a function or role as a document, especially the function of an image is more as a historical document and a historical document of an event.

What’s a Good Picture?

Actually, this is also relative, because each person has their own taste, but, from the material I’ve ever gotten, the way to choose a good picture is an image that fits the topic, AKA IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TOPIC raised, for an editorial or for a friend. blog writer.

Image Copyright

Now, this is almost getting into the main discussion, friend, so right now the copyright is being considered, meaning that if you take pictures on the internet, you have to be careful.
If you used to just stare at Google Image Search… it feels calm, don’t worry, but in some cases, there are tablets that have been sued for billions because of that, and that’s Copyright. So we need to be careful when taking pictures on the Internet.

That’s why we try to share with all RahmanCyber ​​friends about our references so far, although this doesn’t mean 100% guarantee, but at least it’s safer than just sticking around on Google. Usually there is a requirement to give attribution but most of the agreements on the website that I have read can be displayed or not.

But friends, I emphasize… The safest pictures are your own pictures, meaning you are the one holding the Copyright, and you have the RAW or Master of the picture, so it can be more comfortable… ^_^

Download Free Images on the Internet

So, here we give some free Stock Images references that you can use for your Blog Editorial.

1. Pixabay.Com

Pixabay is my favorite place to download images, because pixabay is a site that provides free images and videos. Pixabay also releases all its collections under license Creative Commons Zero (CC0) which means we are free to copy, modify, distribute, and use the Pixabay collection for both personal and commercial use. The images here are Random, but classified well, you just need to find the appropriate category, for various image sizes. Oh yes, to appreciate the image uploader, you can donate via Ko Fi or Paypal.

2. Pexels.Com

This Pexel actually I just found out, it turns out that it also provides free images, friend, on the website it says that

All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use.
No need to give credit. You are not required to give credit, but photographers and Pexels will be very happy if you do.
You can change photos and videos from Pexels. Be creative and edit them however you like.

In Pexels itself there are already more than 10,000 images ready for you to use. Just like pixabay, at Pexels also all collections are under license Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

But even so, you should pay attention to some restrictions to reward contributors.
Photos must not give a negative impression or vilify famous figures.
Do not sell unmodified copies of photos or videos, such as posters, prints, or on physical products without converting them first.
Do not include the individual or brand sponsoring your product in the image.
Do not redistribute or sell photos and videos on other stock photo or wallpaper platforms.

Yes, it’s okay

3. Unsplash.Com

I actually got this unsplash from IDTIMEShaha ​​because the writers there usually use pictures with the caption Unsplash.. haha, it’s okay to learn from the next door neighbor, wow.
It turns out that Unspash also provides images that can be used for free, bro, sis bro… Well the resolution offered is also high, and interesting, it’s worth using it often… for you Blogger Beginners or Veterans who are confused about looking for Stock Images , it can be in Unspash.
If you see it, Brother Rahman, the appearance of the contributor profiles on Unsplash is like Instagram, so it’s like a social media place in the form of images, but the difference is that this one can be used, aka free.

4. Librestock.Com

Librestock This is a kind of google alias search engine, so it’s not like some of the sites that the author described above, but even so, librestock is looking for free images from 40 sites in its directory that are free to use, or have a CC0 license.

Some of the filter facilities are easy to understand, so we can make more choices.

5. ISORepublic.Com

Actually not all of the pictures in ISO Republic This is a Free or Free CC0 license, and there are also Premium ones (Connected with Partners) but many are FREE with the CC0 License with great Image Quality! Now the license from ISORepublic itself, you can understand here.

6. Stocksnap.io

StockSnap This is a site that provides high resolution images, so here the low resolution ones are not accepted. Example of the incoming image is 6000×4000 px, of course if the resolution is high, the file size is also high, the range is above 10Mb. The interesting thing is that StockSnap applies a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license…. Yeeee Gratiiiisss.

This site also provides stock photos and videos with more than 1 million stock images and videos. Royalty free and safe for commercial use, no attribution required.

It’s not bad, bro, for reference stock photos and videos for free.. 🙂

Burst is a free stock photo platform powered by Shopify. The image library includes thousands of high-resolution and royalty-free images, available for commercial use. 🙂

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