8 Tips for Making a CV for a Good Scholarship

Want to know how to make a CV for a solid and ideal scholarship? Let’s see the following article!

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I can’t believe it, there are so many scholarships that are currently open or will soon open the registration period in 2021. Each scholarship program has its own criteria and requirements for registration – however, there is one important document that almost always asked in each scholarship program.

Yupthe document is Curriculum Vitae (CV)!

CV in scholarship application is important. This is where the scholarship provider will assess your eligibility as a candidate.So, your scholarship CV will really determine your qualification.

In this blog, IGAcademy will share about some things to consider when compiling a CV for a scholarship.

Guaranteed, you have more chances to pass the scholarship program if you follow some of the tips for the following scholarship CV. So, take note! ️✏️✏️

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1. Avoid excessive CV format for scholarships

As Scholarship hunters friends can see on the internet, design CVs nowadays are very diverse.

However, be careful lol – not all CV designs are suitable for scholarship applications. When you are designing a CV for a scholarship, you should keep in mind the following important things: do not exaggerate so that the formality of the CV is lost and it looks like a pamphlet.

Try it, make a simpler design but still interesting to look at.

Simply put, with write the names of friends in font rather large at the very top of the CV.

Don’t forget to embed the photo at the top right and continue with write down personal information such as cell phone number, email, home address, and place and date of birth.

No need to write a life motto yes, Scholarship Hunters! 😊😊😊

2. Write down the most important educational history up-to-date

When making a CV for a scholarship, of course Our educational history is the most important thing.

Indeed, our educational history starts from kindergarten to college, but no need to list everything lol.

For a scholarship CV, what level of education do you need to include only high school and university only!

Don’t forget to include it too year of entry, year of graduation, and your final grade.

If you were in high school or college, have you ever internship or workalso enter that information under educational information.

3. Remember: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)

Friends who are active in activities can’t wait to write all these experiences on your CV. However, this is not always a good move.

You should always remember the following formula: Keep It Short and Simple. How do you apply this formula?

First, Scholarship Hunters must be able to sort what kind of experience can help your scholarship application.

When making a CV, we must pay attention the purpose of writing a CV the.

If you are applying for a job, the internship and organizational experience can be said to have a high weight.

However, for CVs for scholarships and other educational programs – experiences that are more focused on the experience of publications and research.

“In that case, is my organizational experience unimportant?”

Your organizational experience is still important, but there is a way to package it so that it doesn’t seem too overwhelming, let alone show off.

The trick is to list 3-5 recent organizational experiences you guys. Don’t get too much!

4. Write Facts

Sometimes to make an impressive CV Wowwe tend to “make up beautiful”.

You can make up it, but don’t put it on your CV for scholarships, Scholarship hunters! 😊😊😊

In any CV – for scholarships or job applications – we can only write facts. So, honest just and write according to the original state.

For example, we do not understand Ms. Excel, but still determined to write “mastering Ms. Excel”. Wow, this big no!

5. Write your scholarship CV in English

It should also be noted, Our professionalism will be reflected in the language we use.

That is, the more we can master the main communication language such as English, the higher the score reviewer will increase.

“If my English is not fluent, what then?”

If this is the case, we still have to write down the CV as it is – without plagiarizing or using a machine translator.

Remember, our English CV will affect interviewer expectations about our English language skills.

So, if your CV doesn’t reflect your native language skills, it will become a big question later Scholarship Hunters!

6. Use easy-to-read fonts

So that our scholarship CV is comfortable to read, we should use font standard easy to read, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Besides that, Avoid using more than one type of font.

The use of formats such as Italic, Bold, and Underline must also be considered, yes.

Use this formatting only for certain purposes, okay?

7. Pay attention to the photo in the CV

Photos can be a determining factor. Therefore, use photos with our best poses. Hkeep in mind yes: don’t over actingbut don’t be stiff!

We do have to use the photos where we wear formal wear.

However, we can post casual style photos. Most importantly, make sure our appearance neat, attractive, and seem professional.

8. Reread and correct mistakes in CV

If you have followed steps 1-7, maybe your CV has been written. Eitsdon’t rush right away submit!

The last step you take is always reread the CV that has been made.

This is done to minimize errors and ensure that your CV is neatly organized. Of course, it’s a shame if your CV is already cool – uh, but even there typo!

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In order to understand better, IGAcademy gives a sample CV for scholarship registration, which is good and certainly interesting!

Here is a sample CV for a good scholarship

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