8 Tourist Attractions in Daegu, Fun to Visit!

Daegu maybe a city in South Korea that may not be as popular as tourist attractions in Busan or Seoul.

But it turns out, there are lots of tourist attractions or things to do in Daegu.

So, what made me interested in visiting Daegu? I happen to have a friend who lives and works as a teacher in Daegu.

Actually, the main reason I went on vacation to South Korea was because I really wanted to meet this friend.

Since you guys have stopped by, I decided to stay almost a week in Daegu.

My friend was also kind enough to let me live in his apartment for free. It’s great to save costs.

If you stay at the inn, it will be more expensive.

The location of Daegu is also suitable for me because I was planning to do day trip to another city around Daegu, namely Gyeongju and hike up Jirisan.

It turned out that Daegu exceeded my expectations.

In my imagination the city of Daegu is just a big city that does not have interesting tourist attractions.

It turns out that there are a lot of things to do in Daegu, either accidentally or accidentally.

Here are tourist attractions in Daegu that you can visit!

1. Duryu Park

After I met up with my friend and put things in the apartment, he had to get back to work immediately so I was left alone.

Since I didn’t want to spend the whole day just sitting in the apartment, I decided to go around the area.

I don’t know where this energy comes from. I checked google maps and found a park not far from the apartment. This park is called Duryu Park.

It’s 2pm but it’s not hot at all. Soft sunlight, cool breeze because I came in autumn.

I walk on the sidewalk occasionally taking photos of trees whose leaves have changed color. I still can’t believe I’m feeling autumn, my favorite season.

things to do in daegu duryu park

In the middle of the park there is a small lake and honestly, I was really mesmerized by the beautiful view.

Can you see the reflection of the surrounding scenery in the lake water? The calm lake water casts a very clear shadow.

I walked around Duryu Park, many elderly people were spending time with friends their age, playing chess, chatting, and even dancing.

It feels so calm. I sat for a while to look at my cellphone, it turned out that there was even one in the middle of the park wifi free.

My friend recommended me to try hiking to the hill behind the park. I went and it was true that the view from the top of the hill was very beautiful.

Duryu Park is huge, people on a leisurely stroll, joggingcrowded but calming.

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South Korea Daegu Duryu Park
Locals relaxing at Duryu Park

2. Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

The next day I took the metro or subway to Jungangno Station which is located in the city center.

I walked to sightseeing spots around nearby Daegu, starting with Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park.

In this park there are many historical and cultural relics that can be seen. Formerly this area was the office of the governor or provincial government.

You can see the building with a distinctive color and thick with South Korean culture.

Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

3. Daegu Modern History Museum

If you want to know about the history and culture of South Korea, you can also visit the Daegu Modern History Museum.

The location is also very close to Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park.

Some of the exhibits that can be seen are about the life of the local people of Daegu, the history of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Well, here you can also join classes such as sewing classes, and others.

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4. Yangnyeongsi Oriental Museum

This museum is also quite fun because here you can experience and learn about South Korean medicines, the types of spices they use, and also try their herbal medicines.

In addition, at the Yangnyeongsi Oriental Museum there are also other activities such as trying to wear traditional Korean clothes that are colorful hanbokmake soap bars from spices, and so on.

yangnyeongsi oriental museum
Try herbal drinks

5. Gyesan-dong Church and Cathedral

I passed this church while on my way to the Dongseongnon area. Gyesan-dong Church is more than 100 years old.

The style of the building follows Roman style but also has a few elements Gothic.

gyesandong church things to do daegu

6. Dongseongnon Shopping District

This area is the busiest area in Daegu. Many shopping centers, shops lined up and sell various types of clothes and jewelry. If you want to shop, you can come to Dongseongnon.

7. Dalseong Park

Another park that can be found when is Dalseong Park.

Inside the park there is a small zoo, there are animals such as deer and even gorillas. But it looks like the animals here are in poor condition.

dalseong park daegu
Deer in Dalseong Park

8. Palgongsan Mountain

If you like nature activities or hikingcan visit Palgongsan Mountain.

This Daegu tourist mountain is located about 20 km from Daegu City. It’s better to spend all day if you really want to play here.

On Palgongsan Mountain there are several trail or trails suitable for hiking. If you really want to relax, you can ride using cable car.

The best times to visit this mountain are spring, when colorful flowers bloom, and autumn, when the leaves turn golden and red.

Many religious temples around the mountain that can be visited.

Among the popular ones, Gatbawi Rock and Donghwasa Temple.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit Palgongsan Mountain because the weather was not good. Traveling to Daegu is an exciting experience for me.

My first time trying Korean BBQ and roast the meat yourself, try Makgeolli which is a kind of palm wine or alcoholic beverage made from rice.

I also experienced Korean-style experiences such as watching opera, making soap from herbs, and also wearing hanbok.

Ah, I also tried noribang, namely Korean-style karaoke. Exciting! Don’t forget to check how to apply for a South Korean visa before going to Daegu.

That’s some tourist attractions in Daegu in South Korea which you can visit. Where are you going?

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