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So I told Uwak when he was traveling to Bandung. He didn’t get the hotel because everything was full. My Uwak really doesn’t understand that hotels should be booked in advance, especially during the holiday season.

Even my cousin who brought the car was tired of going around all the full hotels. Even though I finally got a hotel even though it was a bit expensive. It’s five stars, the problem is that there are only five-star vacant rooms and budget hotels that seem to be poorly maintained.

“Why is it so expensive, sir?” my Uwak said to the hotel receptionist.

“Yes, ma’am, if you want a bit cheaper, you should book by phone or online through Traveloka.”

“Then I’ll call here first so it’s cheap,”


Indeed, hotel prices are always changing. Ordinary, marketing strategy. Depending on the condition of the occupancy of the room and time. Even if you book by phone first, we have to mention at the reception who the hotel cs spoke to us. Because the price is definitely different!

So, what are the tricks you can do to get the cheapest price? Let’s scroll down guys!

1. Try booking a business hotel

A business hotel that I stayed in in Antwerp, the wallpaper was a bit scary so I covered it with a jacket. :))

Hotels that are usually used for business are usually cheaper on weekends and more expensive on weekdays. Hotels like this are usually not designed for recreation, but indeed for resting while still working. For example, the swimming pool will not be as big as a regular hotel.

My time in Antwerp, Belgium some time ago. I got a 3+ star hotel for only 42 euros. While the standard hostel at the same time is 30 euros per bed. Because it’s two of me, per person so only pay 21 euros! Cheap right?

2 . Booking with Online Travel Agent

Where is the Mrs?

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for parents like my uwak to ask for things online. He was afraid of fraud. That’s why they prefer to be walk-in customers. Even with a big enough risk not to get a room.

I also started to tell uwak that if we book online with Traveloka, we can get it much cheaper than calling or coming directly. The price is final and there is no need for additional things. And our booking has definitely been confirmed by the hotel. If there’s anything, just email, phone, tweet, fb to customer service who is ready 24/7.

Usually I just go smoothly booking with Traveloka. But one time I went to Singapore, my booking was not registered in the hostel system. I immediately email customer service if there is a problem. 10 minutes later there was an answer from traveloka. And 10 minutes later the receptionist said that my booking was confirmed. I hope that something like this doesn’t have to happen again.

3. Ask for a room in the corner of the hotel building

Come on..

It’s not that I like corners, but according to my friend who works at a hotel, usually the rooms in the corner are wider and have a wider view than the other rooms.

So you will get a wider room for the same price! But make sure you’re quiet, just whispering to the hotel receptionist. If you know that the room is really good, try inserting a blue or red sheet to make things easier (do it at your own risk guys! :))

4. Say that you are a reviewer (or a travel blogger!)

Got a free 5 star room? Try being a reviewer on Trip Advisor!

If you have a good presence on Trip Advisor, for example, or have a decent following on social media, let them know when checking in. Or if the hotel emails a few days before checking in for a reminder, you can tell them in the email.

The few times I did this I was given a lot of plus-plus services. It’s not a bad plus, huh, hihi. But maybe you can get a free dinner and spa voucher. Even offered to extend a few more days for free!

5. Join Loyalty Program from Hotel, Flight, or Travel Agent

Don’t forget to always update your loyalty program

Miles earned from airline loyalty programs are usually not only exchanged for flying back, but also for hotels.

Hotels have loyalty programs, so make sure you register for the loyalty program when you often stay in the same hotel brand group. Usually it’s free. If you have stayed several times, you will definitely get a discount or even stay for free.

Traveloka also has a loyalty program called traveloka loyalty points. Every time you make a transaction at Traveloka, you will get a number of points which you can later exchange for a discount on the next transaction. Cool right?

The point is, don’t join too many loyalty programs. Choose just one or two of each type. For example, your airline joins Garuda Miles with Garuda Indonesia and Air Asia Big Points, you don’t need to join Kris Flyer Singapore Airlines or others. Those with points will not be collected maximally.

I only stick to one airline loyalty program and once got a free PP ticket to Europe, so it’s been proven that if we are loyal, it’s definitely a blessing! #how

6. Check deals from coupon or credit card sites

Enjoy yourself

Sometimes there are deals from deal sites like groupon. Not bad, especially if you want to stay in a five-star hotel.

It’s normal, I understand that BPJS (Mediocre Budget Socialite) fellows are with you. Haha kidding!

Don’t forget to also check the promo from the credit card you are using. Especially if the cc is directly connected to the airline’s loyalty program. There are usually lots of promos for hotels too.

8. Ask the deal directly to the hotel

You can try this too. If you have, for example, a stay for a week or a month (possibly), try calling the hotel directly. If possible, go directly to the sales manager. So that you can get a special price below the published rate.

Or if you order for office (corporate) needs, just say so. Usually, if you order a lot, you will definitely get a price far below the original price!

Ready for your next vacation?

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