8 Ways to Solve “A Problem Communicating with Google Servers Occurred”

8 Ways to Solve “A Problem Communicating with Google Servers Occurred”

How to Solve Error Messages A Problem Occurred When Communicating with Google Servers
8 Ways to Solve “A Problem Communicating with Google Servers Occurred”. (Image: AdityaTekno.com)

AdityaTekno.comHow to Solve the Error message “There was a problem Communicating with Google Servers”. Without you realizing it, today we can’t just escape from the many uses of Google in our daily lives. Starting from email, applications, games and other things, most of them are already connected to Google.

Well, by connecting a Google account on Android is a good way so you can get important notifications from email and other related applications.

However, the average user usually gets problems with messages “There was a problem communicating with Google servers” when trying to add a Google account to their Smartphone.

Then what is the solution or how to solve the message that there is a problem communicating with Google servers? Because it is usually caused by many factors such as connection, and cache problems.

You can see further reasons for this below. Here is the cause of the error “There was a problem Communicating with Google Servers” :

  • Troubled Cache. Cache stored on your device to make apps work faster. However, this cache file can be corrupted, causing the application to crash. The solution you can do is to clear the cache on the application.
  • Host File Error. The hosts file resides in the system which has some information regarding the configuration of your phone. The Host File is also one of the causes of errors when adding a Google account. You just need to change the contents of the Hosts file and most likely the problem will be solved.
  • Two-Factor Authentication. Two-factor authentication is one of the features that can prevent other users from logging into your account. This feature will stop the login process for unknown devices then will request a second authentication process on the account. With this feature, it is not uncommon to cause problems when making connections using your account. This is also very common especially when you want to add an account to other applications like Outlook. The solution you can disable this 2-step verification.

How to Solve the “Problem Occurred While Communicating With Google Servers” Error

1. Restart HP

The way to solve a problem when communicating with the first Google server is to restart the cellphone. Restarting the phone has been proven to solve a wide variety of problems, so many recommend rebooting / restarting the phone first before taking any other action.

When your cellphone has been successfully restarted, please try adding a Google account and see if the problem can be solved or not. If not, please try the next method below.

2. Delete Registered Google Account

The way to solve a problem when communicating with the second Google server is that you can try to delete all of your Google accounts installed on your cellphone and then add them back. Please follow the method below:

  1. Entered into Arrangement / Settings.
  2. Choose Google Account.
  3. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose Remove Account to delete the selected account.

Notes: Usually the method is slightly different for each Android vendor and version, but the steps are not much different from those described above.

3. Turn off Two-Factor Authentication

The solution to a problem communicating with the third Google server is to disable 2-factor authentication. As explained above, this two-factor / step authentication can be the cause of an error appearing when you want to connect a Google account. In this case, you need to disable it first. Please follow the method below:

  1. Please open Browser >> click on account profile Your Google >> Manage Google Account.
  2. In the menu on the left, you select Security.
  3. Then, in the 2-step verificationyou have to login first then select Non-active.
  4. Now you need to clear the cache on the app Google Account Manager which you can follow in the next step below.

4. Clear Cache on Google Account Manager Application

After disabling 2-step verification, the way to do it when there is a problem communicating with Google servers is that you must also clear your account cache so that no settings are left on the phone. Please follow the method below:

  1. Open Arrangement / Settings on your HP.
  2. Swipe down until you find the menu Application / Apps.
  3. Then, please search for an application named Google Account Manager. (On some phones usually Google Account Manager is found in the running apps tab, so you need to move from the installed apps tab to the running apps. If it’s still not there, you just need to clear the cache of other Google apps like Google Play Services. It is recommended to delete all existing data but with the backup process first).
  4. On the Google app, please click Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Do the same to Google Play Store, Google Play Servicesand Google Services Framework. For Google Services Framework, not all Android phones have it.

5. Reinstall Google Play Services

The way to solve a problem when communicating with the fifth Google server is by reinstalling Google Play Services, because sometimes it gets corrupted, causing error messages when communicating with Google servers to appear.

  1. Go to Arrangement / Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Go to the apkpure.com / apkmirror.com site then search for the application Google Play Services.
  3. Download the application that corresponds to the version of Android you are currently using. Usually, the downloaded application supports what version of Android.
  4. When the file is successfully downloaded, install it Google Play Services on your cellphone then register a Google account on your cellphone again.

6. Change the Date Settings to automatic

The solution to a problem when communicating with the sixth Google server is to change the date setting to automatic. The trick is to enter Arrangement / Settings >> Date & time >> please tick Automatic date & timeAutomatic time zone.

7. Reset HP

This method is done if you have tried the methods above but still fail. With a Hard Reset, the smartphone will return to its original settings, all data on the internal memory will be permanently deleted. So, make sure before doing the reset, you have backed up all data safely.

8. Update Host File (Only For Rooted Phones)

Make sure you only use this method for a rooted cellphone, if you are not sure please skip this method because it can be fatal to your cellphone.

  1. Make sure your cellphone supports installing applications from unknown sources. Please refer back to the first step in method 5 above.
  2. Go to the apkpure.com / apkmirror.com site then download and install the application called ES File Explorer.
  3. Then open the app ES File Explorer.
  4. Click on the three lines in the upper left corner.
  5. Choose Tools >> activate Root Explorer.
  6. Next please choose Local >> Device >> select folder System >> etc.
  7. In the etc folder there is usually a file called hosts, open the hosts file using ES Note Editor.
  8. remove all fill in the hosts file then type localhost.
  9. Return to the previous page and later a message will appear regarding file storage, please select Yes.
  10. Finally re-add your Google account and the problem should be resolved.

That’s the tutorial How to Solve “A Problem Communicating with Google Servers Occurred”. Hopefully it can be useful and thank you for visiting. Greetings AdityaTekno.com

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