9 Benefits of Eating Watermelon for Pregnant Women, Can Prevent Preeclampsia too You Know

Jakarta – Watermelon is a tropical fruit that is rich in nutrients, Mother. This fruit tastes sweet and fresh, especially when eaten in hot weather. Almost everyone likes watermelon, including pregnant women.

Moreover, it turns out that watermelon is good for pregnancy. Watermelon can treat common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, acid reflux, and heartburn while keeping the stomach calm.

Watermelon can be consumed in fruit form or as a refreshing drink. This summer fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins and water and helps prevent and cure many pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia. However, excessive consumption can also cause unwanted effects, Mother.

Then, what are the benefits of watermelon for pregnant women? Keep on reading, Mother. Quoted from the page Mom JunctionHere are some benefits of watermelon for pregnant women:

1. Relieves heartburn

Pregnant women generally suffer from digestive problems such as heartburn and acidity. Well, watermelon relieves this problem by calming the digestive tract and stomach. This will help you instantly in relieving heartburn.

2. Reduce swelling

Mother, mild swelling of the hands and feet or edema is common during pregnancy. The high water content in watermelon reduces blockages in blood vessels and muscles, thereby treating edema.

3. Reduce morning sickness

Drinking a glass of fresh watermelon juice in the morning is a good idea during pregnancy. Watermelon will provide a calming and refreshing experience throughout the day. The energy and nutritional properties of watermelon also help relieve morning sickness.

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4. Treating dehydration

Dehydration causes premature contractions and leads to premature birth. For this reason, it is important for pregnant women to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Watermelon is about 90 percent water and eating this fruit is a great way to prevent dehydration.

5. Relieves muscle cramps

The pregnant body will certainly experience many changes, yes, Mother. Weight gain and hormonal fluctuations can cause muscle and bone pain. Eating watermelon can help the body deal with and relieve muscle cramps.

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