9+ Cheapest TELKOMSEL Internet Package Dial Codes!

9+ Cheapest TELKOMSEL Internet Package Dial Codes!

cheap telkomsel dial codes

Hello friends, are you still faithfully waiting for news of the latest Telkomsel cheap package codes or Telkomsel cheap internet package tricks. In order to be able to surf smoothly other than the network, we definitely need a quota, package or internet data.

In this digital era, don’t miss it, especially for those of you who are fans of Telkomsel’s cheap internet packages with regular updates. Yes, because the provisions of the provider may change from time to time, what was originally a cheap package could expire if it is not used immediately. Maybe there are those that last up to a year, but not a few cheap dial codes that last only a few days, for example promos before the big day.

This time the admin can get some interesting news for you first Telkomsel users. There are about 9 dial codes that we are ready to share for free at friendly prices. That’s why you watch until the end so that there are no misunderstandings, because the amount of data and prices are very many choices.

Here are 9+ Cheapest Dial Codes


This first dial offers an internet package for 15 days with a 2GB quota for around 15 thousand rupiah, after you press the dial code through the cellphone screen, a sentence like this will appear

“You will buy a 2GB quota package (15 days) at a price of 15 thousand”


There are three choices of active periods for the following caddy, daily, weekly, and monthly and the amount of packages offered starts from the cheapest 12MB to 12GB.

– 3 months (2GB/mo – “90-day LumiaPlan subscription (1GB 2G/3G + 1GB 3G/month) Rates according to location automatically renew according to location. Wait for the next confirmation SMS
– Monthly (2GB/month) –
– Weekly (800MB)
– Daily (12MB)


For those of you who like to surf all day long, you can choose daily packages ranging from 6GB to 32GB, which can be used to share downloads, uploads and just browsing.

TELKOMSEL FLASH Package > 30 days
– 6GB / 60 days
– 8GB / 90 days
– 12GB / 150 days
– 32GB / 270 days


Daily Internet Package
10GB/3 days from 36K
5GB /3 days from 28K
3GB /3 days from 20K
2GB /3 days from 15K
1GB / 3 days starting from 12 thousand


Those who like to stay up late, it’s not a hobby to stay up late but often stay up late, we mean. There are even super cheap Telkomsel packages, of course 1GB to 15GB ready to accompany your night. If it’s at night, it’s usually the ones who like to push rank Mobile Legends games.

Night internet package
– 15GB /30 days, IDR 22ribu
– 5GB / 30 days, IDR 15ribu
– 10GB/7days, Rp 12ribu
– 5GB/7 days, IDR 10 thousand
– 5GB / 1 day, IDR 5 thousand
– 1GB / 1 day, IDR 2 thousand


Weekly Internet Package
– 10GB/7 days, from 45K
– 5GB/7days from 36K
– 3GB/7days from 32K
– 2GB / 7 days starting from 27 thousand
– 1GB / 7 days starting from 20 thousand
– 1.5GB
– 300MB


– Lite (11GB)
– Medium (30GB)
– Heavy (46GB)
– Extreme (70GB) – “You will buy the 18GB TAU package, 12GB Flash 4GB, 20GB (00-07), 20GB Entertainment, HOOQ/30 days subscription for IDR 210,000
– Dynamic


INTERNET VAGANZA is a more satisfied Internet service with Internet Vaganza, the best quality prepaid Internet package and can be used 24 hours on all networks. You can choose according to your needs ranging from 12GB to 50GB.

– 12GB & 1GB CloudMAX
– 12GB
– 17GB Combo
– 25GB
– 28GB Combo
– 50GB


– 30GB Combo
– 17GB Combo
– 11GB Combo
– 8GB Combo
– 5Gb Combo

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That’s 9 unlucky codes from us, why only nine? because the 10th of you who have suggestions for cheap Telkomsel internet packages other than those already mentioned, you can convey them through comments.

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