9 Steps to Create Loyal Customers by Chatting part 2

Operate online business In the digital era like today, it does provide many conveniences. One of them is in terms of communication with customers. It’s not that difficult anymore when you want to bring in new customers and even get to know your old customers. Many applications are provided and can be used to run the process. Like chatting with customers.

Step 4: Be still and listen – full attention

If you want to provide a great customer experience, one of the best suggestions I can give is to listen. So simple, yet so hard to do.

It often happens that customer assistance does not really listen to their customers’ needs, but is ready to provide solutions to them. The easiest and most popular case occurs in fashion stores. Say you want navy jeans slim fit and then they bring you different types of jeans just because they are navy. All you wanna do is scream “Why don’t they listen to me?”

While giving friendly service to customers, online customer assistance chat should be more precise when providing solutions. When you read what customers write to you and try to understand them, you should know more about the problems they are experiencing and the points that need to be resolved. Troubleshooting time is often not that important in solving the problem itself but give it anyway fast service. So consult & listen to customers and try to understand them.

To do that, you need to stop paying attention to how smart you are in front of customers, but try to consciously investigate customer problems. I think you can start practicing it in a neutral environment like talking to your coworkers at work or your partner at home. Let them give you feedback on your communication skills before you go to the front line with customers.

Step 5: If you need more time to analyze, let the customer know – communication

You will not always be ready to provide direct solutions to your customers’ problems. If you feel the need to do an analysis or discuss with a team of experts, such as developer or chat support agent live chat more experienced, communicate this to the customer. Instead of giving fast service without any solution, it’s better to take your time to do some research and get back to the customer with the right answer.

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing worse, than you being motionless while having a live chat with a customer who asks an important question. It ends with “Are you still there??? Hellooo?” Order, if you are lucky. Most likely it will end with “Your service sucks” and thumbs down is the true story of the customer. Treat them as a warning and be open with customers, just as they should be open with you when they come for help.

Step 6. Be careful with canned response – personal

It is important to use simple and clear language when talking to customers. If you run a global business, keep in mind that customers may not be familiar with your native language .

One of the best ways to provide a great live chat experience is to have something unique and personal when chatting. To achieve it, don’t use too much canned response. Canned response really can make it happen fast servicewhich could increase customer satisfaction, but that’s not the case.

Sometimes customers come to you with cases for which you cannot provide a solution. But maybe you can offer something else instead.

Don’t forget that people on other sites are human beings, who want to get empathy and honesty from you.

Well, for steps 7 – 10 will continue in next article yes. So make sure you don’t miss the update

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